: Bath time fun :

 We are in the midst of the busiest time of year for us.  As we work at Cranberry Creek {mostly me but also the Mr. for a small portion of it}, plus the added events at school, church & with family.  It's a great time but we try to compress so much into two months gets a bit nutso!
Last night in the midst of baths I decided to take out my camera and grab a few shots of these growing boys...right now as I type this Jacob is working on an oral presentation at our kitchen table.  My how things have changed!
 Mostly these photos are for my Marm, who is missing these boys like nobodies business.  

Right now she's a 3 hour time difference with the addition on being at her show for 12 hours, it doesn't make for any time to catch up over skype or face time.  

But soon this nutso season will be over and for whatever demented reason we will look upon it fondly!
 In other news our home is almost fully decorated for Christmas, my shopping is almost complete and wrapped and we have so many celebratory events to go to/host this season it's very very exciting.  A few of which I can't write about because my biggest little boy now knows how to read...seriously, I thought this raising kids got easier ;) NOTHING is sacred!

If you are at all interested in doing a Christmas home tour or jumping on the band wagon with me...I might just throw one together and give you a tour of our home decorations this season.  Let me know if you would like to include your home in the tour! 

Till next time lovelies, hold your family close and remember how great you have it {even if it doesn't feel that way today!}



: Pumpkin Patch 2012 :

So so so much to talk about; to catch up on but alas my time just doesn't allow. 

But I'm gonna give it a go, try and get a few things {photos/memories} down and into my blog so I don't forget what we did all of August & September.  Sad but true, I have done very little in the way of celebrating every day and putting our life into a scrapbook.

I put trust in my blog to remember the details of everyday life that become foggy when we are doing just that; life!

Anyway I digress, I have all hopes and intentions to be back on the saddle of blogging, but I ain't making no promises cause I wouldn't want to disappoint myself ;-)

This past weekend was a hum-dinger, it was supposed to be filled to the gills with friends and outings, which it was, however our friends all cancelled on us due to being sick or a change of plans.  And yet, we still found a way to fill up every corner of the weekend with random jobs around the house, church, other un-planned friends, a trip to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins.
Amazing how busy life is when you write it all out.  This weekend wasn't the exception.
On Sunday after church we headed over to the "train store" aka Art Knapps, where they have a great display of pumpkins, trains, rides for the kids, trains, amazing display of holiday decor, trains...get the hint!?!?  The real reason we went there is because JJ is a train nut!
At any rate we had a great time enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, pumpkins and of course the trains.  A little secret is we went there and didn't spend a dime, I had purchased our pumpkins from our local big box store for a steal at $2/pumpkin a couple weeks ago.  I didn't know this at the time, but they were a super duper deal...the pumpkins at the patch we went to were selling for $6/piece and that's for the mid sized ones!?!!
 I hope to catch up sooner than later, however with Cole's 5th birthday on the horizon and Mr. L's shortly after, I can't promise much but I will try! 



: Today :

Today was a big day in many ways...

I came across this quote from another blog I read and had to re-post it here as it embodies exactly what I'm feeling 

you will never have this day with your children again. 
tomorrow, they'll be a little older than they were today. 
this day is a gift. 
breathe and notice. 
smell and touch them; 
study their faces and little feet and pay attention. 
relish the charms of the present. 

enjoy your day today, mama. 
it will be over before you know it. 

- jen hatmaker from her book

I'll be back to catch up on the last month of living, but just let me catch my breath from today...

welcome September, welcome schedule, welcome celebrations, welcome change.  

Happy September Lovelies! 


: Shopping Dollar Store Style :

I know, I know, what a silly thing to blog about!?!?  But listen here, I often have people surprised at our home income, surprised that we have money for the "extras" & the "treats" :: So I thought I'd let you all in on a little secret...but promise you won't tell nobody!?!  I shop at the dollar store, and not just one...multiple ones!  Oh my! {lol, can you sense the sarcasm!?!?}

Okay, so here are a few of the every day items {essentially the consumable items that we use and are thankful for but are not worth their $2.50+ price tag} :: Deodorant, I get mine & the Mr.'s at the Dollar Tree for $1 - full size, works like a charm!
 Liquid soap for every sink, we have 6 sinks in our home that need soap by them :: I buy the pumps for $1 & the refill for $1 - I started using soft soap when we moved to the new house, even though I love Bath&Bodyworks delish smelling soaps, how can I justify dropping $4 down the drain!?!? I buy these at Dollar Tree.
 Organizational bins :: With lids, without lids, for random items...I use them for the kids toys, in the pantry and as seen here under my sink to organize all my crap...I mean all my beauty essentials {lol}.  We all have these bins under our sinks with extra soap/toothpaste/tooth brushes/deodorant so when you're in your birthday suit you don't have to run down the hall to the linen closet or to the other bathroom to fetch that new bar of soap. I also buy these at the Dollar Tree for $1 with the lid.
 Granola bars are highly over rated, but they are a quick, easy and somewhat healthy snack for the boys when we are on the run out the door to church, school or another family outing.  These are made in Canada, bought in the States at the Dollar Tree {6 for $1} I typically even with coupons or sales can't even come close to buying these for any cheaper.  Such a steal of a deal! :: Also in this photo is a cute little box of kleenex, $1 @ the Dollar Tree..buying the Costco pack can't even touch the price of the Dollar tree even when it's on special!
 Specialty items, raisins are a treat at our home; especially when they are individual little boxes.  I get these at the Dollar Tree for $1 :: At the grocery store they are almost $3 for the same bag. 
 Shampoo for $1, Revlon eyeshadow $1.50 {sold in stores for $6+} and fake eyelashes $1.50, all items that we need, well kinda {lol, eyeshadow and eyelashes are not considered a need to my Mr...lol} I got these items at Dollarama in Canada, serious score!
 Mirrored frames $2 :: Can't get them for that on a discount shelf at HomeSense for that!  I got these at Dollarama.
 This one is quite funny, but I had to share :: boys briefs/3 pairs for $2 :: my kid doesn't care if he wears briefs or boxer briefs and a figure since one day will come and I will have to purchase the $5/pair underwear for him...I figured I would revel in the fact that for now he doesn't care and save the money...at least for now ;) :: they are fruit of the loom for crying out loud!  Who cares that I bought them from Dollarama {ps. walmart carries the same package for triple the price}?!!? LoL
 There are multiple other items I buy at the Dollar Tree :: jar candles, box candy {treats for camping etc}, tooth paste, tooth brushes, bar soap {all name brands too}, cleaning supplies like comet, dish soap, really the list is endless...I can easily go and spend $70 at the dollar store with items to keep the house running.  If I were to add up the cost of all those products from a retailer in a non-dollar store I'm sure my bill would surpass $130.00.  

There are some things you can't save money on; like heat, electricity etc.  I can't shop around for those items, they are what they are and we have to pay the bill.  However the extra items that we need in life I get to choose where I buy them and when I can save over $2 on most those items it makes a huge difference in our pocket book.  

I have only listed a few of the items we actually purchase at the Dollar Store(s) :: If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to drop me an email...I'm full of useless but money saving ideas!  Click on the sidebar for a link or email me at laderoutefamily@gmail.com

I'm off to write lists for our upcoming camping trips...oh joy! 

Have a lovely Thursday! 


: What I love Wednesday :

What I love Wednesday is a little late today {sorry, blame it on VBS and purchases made during my free time which caused major organization of multiple spots in the house} and today it's a little different cause it's not about products I love but it's about a blog I love to read. 

Edie is an amazing woman of God that I truly feel so blessed to be able to glean from her little tid-bits of knowledge both in child rearing and God fearing. 

There has been lots of talk in the blog realm about "Fifty Shades of Grey" :: If you know me, you know I'm a reader, I'm one of those people who is always reading something..it's kinda a decompression time for me.  I love it.  
So when I heard about Fifty Shades of Grey I was quite intrigued, however my interest quickly turned into pushing the thought out of my mind that I would ever read it, it wasn't on my "must read" list.  And I was pretty sure it was going to stay off of it.

When I read Edie's reasons as to why she wasn't going to read Fifty shades of Grey they made me feel normal, made me feel like I didn't need to defend my thoughts/feelings on why I wasn't going to read it, for once I felt like this little rock I'm living under {called innocence} was just fine.   That even if I missed out on the conversation {with church girls non-the-less} I would be okay.  

Edie has a way with words especially when it comes to worldly things vs. Godly things.  She's not overly educated {as in has no clue what really happens in life and just has book smarts} nor does she live with her head in the clouds {in la la land about real life topics}...she just has a simplistic view of how things were meant to be. 

Simple.  I like simple.  I complicate things. 

So without further ado, I give you the link to Edie's blog and I bet you will love her too! 

Happy Wednesday :: Tomorrow I'll be back with much less complicated things, like why I love to shop at the dollar store!  Serious.  LOL!!! 



: Cole's Hospital Adventure :

Yesterday we had quite the day...it started by getting up {which let me tell you, after two full weeks of programs this was r e a l l y tough!} but the Amazing Race was waiting for us so we were out the door by 8.45 am. 

After the Amazing Race Cole wasn't well, he had a bit of a fever, was very teary and said his throat hurt when he swallowed water.  Then he began to complain of his neck hurting. All things pointing to meningitis I was not willing to ignore the symptoms and wait it out.  

I called the Mr. and told him what was happening and he confirmed that we should get our littlest checked out.  So then I called our doctors office and asked if I should come to them or just go straight to the ER, they said what I thought they would and that was to go to the ER as they can't do x-rays and blood tests.

So we met with Grampie to drop off big brother and then headed into the hospital.

I was so thankful that with a room full of patients waiting that we got bumped to the top priority as his fever was still high and they were concerned. 
We settled into our bed and waited to be examined which is difficult with a child who doesn't show his body to anyone "it's public mama" he kept on saying, aka, it's not appropriate. Oy! 

We have tests done to confirm that they don't think that it's meningitis {pee & blood} thank the good Lord, it wasn't {he's also been vaccinated against it but you just never know!} So we wait, he slept and I read magazines, kinda relaxing actually having to sit and read and be still. 

The pediatric doctor then came in and said that the blood tests didn't look good {oh no!} that he was waiting for a second opinion and we would have an x-ray in a little bit.  

This is what I sent to the Mr. -- he said that was the hardest thing to see, not knowing what was wrong but that they couldn't find what was wrong.
 Nothing showed up on the x-ray but they were still really worried about his fever, sore neck and some spots he has all over his legs that look very suspicious.  

Mr. L showed up just as the specialist was assessing Cole {this was the 4th doctor we had seen} and she decided that it looked like he had an infection somewhere {likely his throat} and that the fever was caused by this. The bumps and spots are completely unrelated.  

They are doing a throat swab and a bacteria culture of his blood to see if they can isolate the infection and to rule out any infection of the blood.  

But they are guessing that it's just strep throat, not anything life threatening. 

In the meantime they gave him a dose of antibiotics to see if that relieves some of the pain in the throat and a full dose of it to be filled out at the pharmacy. 

And today he seems right back to his normal self...full of vim and vigor!  We will get the news back on the blood sample and throat swab tomorrow so praying nothing shows up in the blood and that it's just strep throat! 

What a crazy day yesterday turned out to be!  Oh my!!!  But so thankful for healthy kids {most of the time} and for an amazing health care system.  We are truly so fortunate for all of the coverage and attention we received. 

Now today I must clean up the mess that yesterday did to my routine..ha ha, oh well, life goes on! 

Have a great one lovelies! 


: Summertime To:Do List :

I posted this photo on my Instagram the other day and got an overwhelming response from it so I thought I would share it here too! 

First off, this is not an original idea, someone else that is much more creative than I thought of it, but I loved it and thought you would too.  

The boys and I just sat down one day and thought of all the fun things that Summertime is to them...hence the "water gun fight" & "fly a kite" ones and I'm sure you can tell which ones I have part in "keep routine" & "back to school shopping" :: It was super easy to do and fun for the boys to look forward to checking something off of our Summertime list!

Hope you're getting lots of fun in these Summer days and enjoying the little moments, like eating an ice cream cone or having a water fight! 

I'm off to get some errands done while the boys are at VBS :: Hoping to make the 3 hours stretch to more like 5 :: Happy day Lovelies! 



: What I love Wednesday :

Wednesday; it doesn't feel like Wednesday. It should be Thursday.  Now if you know me, or you've been following my blog for a while I always find that weeks speed by, but for some reason not this week. 

This week is VBS at a lovely little local church :: Most of our buddies go to it, so it's filled with great biblical based education as well as a morning with their friends {and me with mine!}.  Cole doesn't do to well with me going  for the whole morning but he get's over it pretty fast and ends up having a great time. 

: Here they are on their first morning of VBS :

Anyways, on to my "What I love Wednesday" it's been forever since I have posted one so I thought today would be just as good a day as ever to start back up again!

I've been looking at getting this necklace for months, but can't justify the price for "fashion jewelery" but oooh, I love it! And I found one here for 1/4 of the price, mighty tempting!

 I've been using witch hazel as toner before bed and once I get up and I love it!  It's super cheap {as in $1 for a bottle} and it's helped my skin retain moisture, which in the Summer it easily looses!

Found these super cute shirts for my boys, daddy has a big pony polo and thinks the boys should have one too, and seriously they are SO cute, no!??!
The original owners of our home had a beautiful english garden. Since we moved at the end of September we didn't really know what was going to come of our garden, but the other day I walked out to see what I thought was a bush blooming with these lovely flowers.  I love fresh flowers {& free to boot!}
 You know those fancy-schmancy fruit & veggie cleaners that you can buy for upwards of $5/bottle?  Well I found out that using hydrogen peroxide mixed with water achieves the same!  So go to your local super market and avoid the fancy-schmancy sprays and get yourself a $1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide...I love it!
 And last but not least, I spent yesterday afternoon organizing our food cupboards {boy it was about time!} and can I say I just love a nice neat organized pantry!  It's the simple things that give me just pure joy {no joke!}
Well I'm off to attack another room that needs organizing, not sure which one, the laundry room or the spare room but since the sun is hiding behind the clouds today really there are no excuses! 

Later Lovelies! 


Cole's Preschool Graduation

Our littlest big boy graduated from Preschool at the end of June, it's amazing how two years goes by incredibly fast!  

We have loved his teachers and I've seen them almost every day for the past three years including Jacob's schooling there, so it will be odd to not see them come this September! 

Here is the graduate along with biggest brother
 Accepting his diploma and year-in-memories binder & cd from Mrs. Brenda, she was definitely one of Cole's most favorite teachers. He's cried at least 5 times {we're talking inconsolable tears} since he's graduated over missing his teachers, it's so sweet!
 Our family and the graduate with crazy monkey ears and a very put on smile {lol}
Things to remember...
Cole has a vast and deep vocabulary and knowledge of the words he uses ie) 
"that was the most fantastic end to a wonderful day" after watching the sun set
"Well I better go ask the humans" about wanting to buy back our old house
"that's phenomenal, just phenomenal!" about daddy bringing home a glazed doughnut for him

Cole wakes up at the crack of the day and goes hard, the first thing he says as he skips into our room is "GOOOOD MORNIN' aren't you SO glad I didn't come into your room last night?!!  I tried very hard to stay in my own bed."  When  I respond "but you did come in to our room", he then says "oh that's really too bad, 'cause I was trying SO hard to stay in my own bed" 

When Cole get's mad at Jacob his first response is to ask me to sell him {Jacob} and if that doesn't work he says he's going to find a different family, apparently we're really tough to live with! LOL

Coley, you capture the hearts of anyone who is blessed enough to meet you.  Your little brain works overtime at creating things.  You're amazing at praying from your heart and continually bless us with your love towards God. We pray as you walk boldly into grade school that you don't ever loose the passion you have for God!  
Love Always, Daddy&Mama


: Summer is here & I'm not :

School has officially been out for 2 weeks and the past 2 days are the first two days we haven't had plans through the wazoo!  

There have been celebrations, lessons, play dates, weddings to help with...the list goes on!  So to say that I'm thankful for these past two home days is a vast understatement! 

I've also been on a little bit {okay big bit} of a roller coaster about my weight, I try and try and try and nothing changes.  I'm at a complete loss as to what to do as it encompasses my whole brain/life some days.  Let alone the stress it adds to our marriage...phew, sometimes life is just down right hard! {can I hear an amen!!?!

Anyways, I wanted to stop by and say, I'm not dead, we are living well and full of life!  
* * * 
: Here's a few photos from around our place today :
I'm working on getting our family photo wall all coordinated so I had to paint out some frames, they have been on the wall for 6 months but I needed them to be all the same color, it was driving me nuts!  And see that umbrella stand, it got a fresh coat of paint too...watch out, Mama has the spray can! 

 Laundry dear, we are close friends don't you know!?!  This pile is currently blowing in the wind in the back yard, I love breezy Summer days!
 Working on organization of the house, duties & projects I want to accomplish this Summer, before Anniversary celebrations, traveling, weddings & Cranberry Creek starts back up again! 
{And loving my new-to-me $5 starbucks mug}
Just a random broken pot on our back step, it decided to grow some allisum, can't throw away the pot now...it's got JJ's favorite flower in it!
 This is the looks of the boys room right now.  We are trying to teach Cole how to make his bed, this is what he thinks "made" looks like...Jacob on the other hand has it down to a fine science!
I walked into the family room to see my little munch all dressed up in 26 degree weather head to toe in his dragon outfit...he proceeded to blow fire at me ;) Man that kid makes me laugh!

That's all for now lovelies, enjoy the sun!  

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