:: Laundry Fairy ::

:: Does anyone know the number to the Laundry Fairy - Apparently my Fairy has disappeared and is no longer working for me...the nerve of some Fairy's!!! ::

:: I would be fine loading and un-loading the laundry, it would just be nice if someone would fold it, organize and put it away for me ::

:: So if anyone knows of a good, hard working Laundry Fairy that is still available I would appreciate her number ;D ::

:: Scrap Book ::

:: As a bit of a summer project I started (and almost finished) scrapping all of our pictures from 2006 - I am starting to keep our family memories in 12x12 scrapbooks but only from when Jacob was born...I am not going to go back and scrap our last 5 years of married life or I would never be caught up! ::

:: I have finished up until Christmas, but I still have a few pictures that I need to print off of events that I missed, but I'm happy with the dent that I put into 2006 and hopefully I will get 2007 up to date prior to this little one arriving!!! ::

:: Here are a few of my favorite pages - I am not particular with my scrapbooking, I'm just happy the pictures are in an album with captions! ::

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:: I've got a secret ::

And I wish I could post about it here, but since I have closet readers {people that read, but don't comment} read my blog all the time ~ I can't post any details. Plus the surprise is for Paul for our 5 year wedding anniversary that is coming up on the 21st of September and he comes by my blog every once in a while, so it will have to stay a secret.
But I can't wait to let the "cat out of the bag" so stay tuned for the details of the surprise as I will be clear to expose the surprise by Friday!
Stay Tuned!

:: Night out with Family ::

:: My Uncle Lauch and Auntie Ruth came out from Ontario to go on an Alaskan cruise with my Mom and the rest of her siblings - So last night my Auntie Terri hosted a delish dinner for the family. It was a great night to catch up and visit with all the family I don't see often enough! ::

:: Thanks for hosting Auntie Terri, it was a great night! ::
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:: Pampered Chef ::

:: Here are a few pictures from the PC Party I hosted the other night - It was such a blast having all these women in our house...Each one of them is special to me and to have them all in one place was fantastic! ::
:: As far as the show goes, we had record breaking sales which in turn scored me a huge amount of free and discounted items. So thanks to everyone who came and to Kristin & Auntie
Carolee who couldn't make the night but submitted orders! ::

:: Side Note: I guess we are being fruitful and multiplying because there were 2 toddlers at the party (not including Jacob as he was at my In-Laws with Paul) along with 3 (very) pregnant women! Who says we're not doing our job!?!?!? ::


:: Wee Little Lamb ::

"And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them" ~ Mark 10:16
:: A dear family friend of mine just suffered a great loss - I don't want to say too much on here as I have not spoken to her personally and want to respect her wishes ::

:: What I can say is I don't understand, I don't know why, but I do know our God is a sovereign God and we trust in him for ALL things ::

:: Please just join with me in prayer for my friend and her family as she walks through this most devastating time ::


:: Pampered Chef ::

:: I guess I should have posted this earlier than on the day of the party, but I have been a little busy ~ At any rate tonight I am having a Pampered Chef Party at our house....I have never hosted (just always attended) these types of things. So I decided since we have a bit more room in our new house that I too could host a PC Party ::
:: If you haven't heard of their products they are truly amazing - a personal favorite is their stoneware - I don't think that I could bake without it (but that's just a secret between you and I) ::
:: So if you want to get out of the house tonight and have nothing better to do, come on out to my place (for 7:30) and enjoy some yummy food, great conversation and maybe you'll even win the door prize! ::
:: Ps. if you do come you also get to rub my belly (FOR FREE)...I know that is the clincher for you right there!!! ::


:: My Hun & My Bun ::

:: Paul and I were playing around over the weekend taking pictures of ourselves...it was so much fun ~ Here is what came of our little photo shoot with my hunny and by little bun in the oven ::

:: 33 Weeks ::

:: Yikes...I'm already 33 weeks!!! I'm feeling good though [I would normally say that I'm feeling great but I'm still recovering from this weekend] and I've just started to get excited about meeting this little one ::

:: We have our first meeting with our Doula on the 25th of September ~ By this time when I was pregnant with Jacob we had already had 2 meetings with her. That goes to show how things change from the first pregnancy to the second ::

:: I have a list of "to do's" before this one arrives - but all the same if this one rears his or her head before they get done, I won't worry about it ::

:: Here I am on Sunday @ my 33 week mark ::

:: Still more pictures ::

:: More pictures of the day - I couldn't resist :: :: Here is some of Jennifer's family {top left: Uncle Mike, Auntie May, Stephanie & Nanny Cathcart, top middle: Tolland & Bethany from California} along with some other photo's of Michael's family and friends ::
:: There was a second reception {with two sittings - hence the two cakes} at Michael's parent's place - it was a wonderfully warm day filled with lots of friends, food and laughter....oh and cake! Here are a few shots I got from the day ::

:: Just because he's so darn cute! ::

:: I just had to add this photo {all by itself} of our little man - He looked so darn cute in the seer sucker suit, too bad the suit isn't ours...but he is and we're so thankful for him! ::


:: Wedding Pictures A La Kristin ::

:: Michael's brother has the dearest, sweetest girlfriend named Kristin, she is always willing to help and will do it with a smile, these pictures are courtesy of her and her amazing camera ::
:: Thanks Kristin, can't wait to catch up with you upon your return from Australia (She's leaving on Wednesday to go back to Law school, best of luck!) ::
:: Michael & Jennifer along with Mum & Dad L and Mum & Dad H - what a great looking family! ::
:: Our little family of 3 ~ soon to be 4 ::
::My parents with us outside the church :: (my Mama was the wedding coordinater and was a great help!)

:: The new Mr. & Mrs with Michael's grandparents ::
:: It's all about the details ::
:: Such a great shot of us entering the reception site...I'm there just waddling in the back ::
:: Mr & Mrs. taking a pre-reception breather and cutting the cake ::

:: More Wedding Pictures ::

:: Here are some of my fav's from the day....I have been playing around on the computer with them this morning, Jacob is sleeping so I should be resting - but I can't, so here ya go! ::
:: Some of the wedding party waiting for the pictures to start on Jericho Beach::

:: Jennifer's hand just after they said "I do" ::

:: Mum & Dad on the way to the church - Doesn't she look amazing!!! ::

:: My bouquet & parasol on a log @ Jericho Beach ::

:: Us girls (left to right), Toby, Stephanie, Jennifer, Me & Janie (Michael's sister) ::

:: Jennifer on the way to the church in the limo ::

:: And now, the lovely couple - don't they look like royalty...we thought so! ::


:: Michael & Jennifer's Wedding Day ::

:: Hello All, well here are some long awaited pictures from Michael & Jennifer's Wedding. It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, the bride was stunning, the flowers were perfect and we were running on time - What more could you want??? It truly went off without a hitch! ::
:: Here are a few of the pictures I was able to capture of the day - I hope you enjoy! ::
:: I will be back with more pictures once I have rested a bit, I have lots of pictures from the second reception which was yesterday ::
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