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:: I guess I should have posted this earlier than on the day of the party, but I have been a little busy ~ At any rate tonight I am having a Pampered Chef Party at our house....I have never hosted (just always attended) these types of things. So I decided since we have a bit more room in our new house that I too could host a PC Party ::
:: If you haven't heard of their products they are truly amazing - a personal favorite is their stoneware - I don't think that I could bake without it (but that's just a secret between you and I) ::
:: So if you want to get out of the house tonight and have nothing better to do, come on out to my place (for 7:30) and enjoy some yummy food, great conversation and maybe you'll even win the door prize! ::
:: Ps. if you do come you also get to rub my belly (FOR FREE)...I know that is the clincher for you right there!!! ::

1 comment:

Canadian Kristin said...

If I could use my hyper-drive time-warp machine and add another few hours into this day....Sista-friend, I'd be there! The belly rub IS the clincher!!!!

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