:: Still more pictures ::

:: More pictures of the day - I couldn't resist :: :: Here is some of Jennifer's family {top left: Uncle Mike, Auntie May, Stephanie & Nanny Cathcart, top middle: Tolland & Bethany from California} along with some other photo's of Michael's family and friends ::
:: There was a second reception {with two sittings - hence the two cakes} at Michael's parent's place - it was a wonderfully warm day filled with lots of friends, food and laughter....oh and cake! Here are a few shots I got from the day ::


Amanda said...

Jenn looked so good! You can hardly tell that she was pregnant! Was she comfortable in her dress or did she feel squished?

Shawna said...

By the end of the night and for the second reception she felt squished, but just because the dress would fall too low and the boning would dig into the bump...which is definitely there but with all the pick-ups on the dress you could barely tell.

She is 19 weeks now...20 on Friday.

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