:: Wedding Pictures A La Kristin ::

:: Michael's brother has the dearest, sweetest girlfriend named Kristin, she is always willing to help and will do it with a smile, these pictures are courtesy of her and her amazing camera ::
:: Thanks Kristin, can't wait to catch up with you upon your return from Australia (She's leaving on Wednesday to go back to Law school, best of luck!) ::
:: Michael & Jennifer along with Mum & Dad L and Mum & Dad H - what a great looking family! ::
:: Our little family of 3 ~ soon to be 4 ::
::My parents with us outside the church :: (my Mama was the wedding coordinater and was a great help!)

:: The new Mr. & Mrs with Michael's grandparents ::
:: It's all about the details ::
:: Such a great shot of us entering the reception site...I'm there just waddling in the back ::
:: Mr & Mrs. taking a pre-reception breather and cutting the cake ::


Christy said...

What beautiful pictures! Looks like it was an amazing day andyou couldn't have asked for better weather......thanks for posting the pictures, they are very enjoyable. How ya doin? And thanks for the help the other night, Kerry and I really appreciated your input! Love ya

Jennifer said...

What an adorable family. Looks like you had an amazing day!

Canadian Kristin said...

I LOVE THE SUITE on Jacob.....how ADORABLE is that kid. Seriously....tooooooooo cute!!!!! Your family takes the best photos...all of you!!!

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