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:: As a bit of a summer project I started (and almost finished) scrapping all of our pictures from 2006 - I am starting to keep our family memories in 12x12 scrapbooks but only from when Jacob was born...I am not going to go back and scrap our last 5 years of married life or I would never be caught up! ::

:: I have finished up until Christmas, but I still have a few pictures that I need to print off of events that I missed, but I'm happy with the dent that I put into 2006 and hopefully I will get 2007 up to date prior to this little one arriving!!! ::

:: Here are a few of my favorite pages - I am not particular with my scrapbooking, I'm just happy the pictures are in an album with captions! ::

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Jamie Delaine said...

Shawna I love these! They're so beautiful. I want to see them all in real life sometime, ok? I used to scrapbook and have all of 2004-2005 scrapbooked quite nicely. When I started photographing more (ironically) I stopped scrapbooking. I look at photos all day long, digital editing and organizing them that I can't bear to do it in my time off!

But I may have to start again; scrapbooks are so precious to have.

Christy said...

Wow Shawna........your scrapbook looks so amazing. I am jealous. I don't think I have the talent or creativity to pull that off. I would love to see them next time we are out. Your wee one is growing so fast! Love lots and talk soon!

Canadian Kristin said...

AMAZING.....how did you find time to do all of those pages in the midst of all the weddings and showers and events you were part of this summer?!?! Maybe you traded your laundry fairy for extra hours in your days?!? Okay, Sista-friend....spill....where IS that "extra hours" button?!?!?!?!

Candice said...

I'm SO envious that you have all that done. I still have Jonah's Baby Book to do..eeeekkk ! My problem is that I want it to look perfect, so it just ends up not getting done...BAD, BAD, BAD !! Now you can do digital scrapbooking..that may be more up my alley :)

Shawna said...

I'm not one for the digital scrapbooking as I know I would be too picky as you can change and adjust things to your hearts content. Plus I like the physical aspect of having to sit and play around with paper and stamps etc.

I am not too picky when I scrapbook - hence the fact that I can sit for 3 hours and do 3-4 pages...I am just happy they are in the book and our memories have been recorded :)

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