:: Grandma Rosie's Birthday ::

:: Happy Birthday Grandma Rosie! ::

:: We went over to my Grandma's place last Monday to celebrate with her. Mom & Dad brought chicken, salad & buns and my Nanny brought J-E-L-L-O
(which we thought would be a hit with Jacob, um, not so much...he didn't want to have anything to do with the stuff!) ::

:: Mom brought Aunt Connie's chocolate cake for dessert with chocolate cream cheese icing, which was SO good and I brought lemon cupcakes with fresh freesia on top of the lemon curd icing ::

:: Jacob was quite out of sorts from the party the day before and staying up waaaayyyy too late, but we survived and only had two meltdowns! It was one long day for Mama! ::

:: Happy Birthday Grandma, we loveth you ::

:: J & J's Birthday ::

:: Last week we went over to Paul's parents place to celebrate Jamie & Jacob's birthdays ::
:: Mum & Dad L along with Nanny & Papa were about to embark on a cruise to Alaska so they were going to miss Jamie & Jacob's birthdays...so we celebrated early ::

:: Jamie turns 22 tomorrow (Happy Birthday Jamie!) & Jacob turned 2 on Sunday - isn't that neat that there will forever be 20 years difference between them. I think that is so cool ::

:: Thanks for the great BBQ M&D - Jacob had a great time as did we ::

:: I made mint chocolate, coconut chocolate and chocolate fudge cupcakes for the event with a blue fondant circle and a black "J" on each cupcake - everything was delish! ::

:: Summer is here! ::

:: Here are some shots from our weekend . . . two weekends ago. Okay, so I'm a little behind on the blogging front!??!? ::

:: We thought summer had arrived in BC, we were wrong....It's now very, very cold and we forgot that we ever brought out the pool and romped around in our bathing suits all day ::

:: Come back Mr. Sun , Come back! ::

:: My Mom invited me to go to a Women's breakfast @ her church so the shot in the top left corner is just before we left and then the picture in the middle on the right is of the pedestal plate and dome I won from a door prize while we were there. What fun! I usually never win. Well actually now that I think of it, I wasn't supposed to win it. My friend Lyla was sitting where I ended up sitting but we adjusted the seating plan so everyone could see and voila I ended up in the winning seat. So sorry Lyla, maybe next time you'll win ;) ::

:: The rest of the shots are from our weekend around the house. It was a wonderful weekend and so much fun to see the boys play in the yard. They are the reasons we moved here & we are so blessed! ::

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