:: Summertime ::

:: It finally feels like it's Summertime around here. We were supposed to have rain all weekend. We didn't - It was great! ::

:: We had a fabulous time @ the Jewel concert and had a great time wandering around the casino watching all of the crazies {I'll post a separate post once I find my USB cable for my camera...apparently a set of little hands removed it from my desk} ::

:: Our BBQ on Saturday night was a success and it was great to catch up with friends that we don't often see...but it's always a perfect fit when we do get together {Again, I'll post pics once I have my USB cable} ::

:: We are heading South of the border today to stock up on the typical consumables - It's beautiful out today...hopefully we'll have time to enjoy the sunshine once we return ::

:: Please pray I find my USB cable, I have searched high and low and can't seem to locate it...It can't be too far away! ::

:: Have a wonderful Summertime day and remember to put on your SPF! ::

{Picture of Cole SOOC (straight out of camera = no touch-ups) taken in our front yard and his first experience with the sprinkler - recognize it Kristin?}

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