:: The Bachelorette Episode No. 5 ::

:: Whistler Whistler Whistler -- One of the most beautiful places in BC and they were there, enjoying the beauty that BC has to offer. It was an incredible show last night, just for the scenery let alone the drama! ::

:: So the show starts out with Michael and Jillian Zip Lining it to first base {apparently she saw something I didn't, I wasn't sold that he was going to get a rose}. But he did. Poop. I was disappointed, he reminded me of an ex of mine {that will remain unnamed - to protect the innocent, hence the fact that he's an ex}. Anyway, back on track here. She apparently likes the crazy jazz hands. Humph ::

:: While back at Fairmont Chateau Whistler Testosteroneville there is still talk of certain guys not being there for the "right" reasons aka: to get with Jillian. When there is the infamous knock at the door. The following guys are invited to a "snow day" with "Jilly" - - - Wes, Kiptyn, Jake, Reid, Mark & Ed. Which means that Jesse will get the last one on one date ::

:: Jillian heads out with all the guys on the group date snowmobiling it throughout Whistler back country, and chooses Robby to ride with her. He talks to her about the whole girlfriend issue and she's pretty sure that he doesn't have a girlfriend. He puts her mind at ease and she's thankful to have that out of the way ::

:: Tanner talks to Jillian about watching her back and she gets frustrated that he should be more worried about getting to know her instead of trying to tell her what to do. Then Wes comes and grabs "babe" for some one on one time and just slithers into her heart. Yuk. I can see how she would be wooed by him in the situation, but when you see it from our vantage point, he's so slimy! She says she's glad he's there. Can I get another Yuk!?!? ::

:: Later that night Kiptyn and Jill get some quality {make-out} time in and then she spends some time with Reid - they are both just goofs together and he's a fun guy to be with but I don't think he's "the one" ::

:: In the midst of all this Ed has had calls from his work back home regarding his job and that it's no time to be goofing off for a chance at love {the recession is in full swing in the US of A at this time and everyone is having to fight for their positions}. Ed is torn, but feels that he needs to tell Jillian what's up. She pulls him aside knowing that something is wrong and he tells her his dilemma -- She understands and then follows suit and gives him the rose from the group date. Oy, way to make it harder for him Jill! ::

:: Meanwhile, Jesse is getting ready to "break the ice" on his one on one date will Jillian, they head out in a ski plane --- which is apparently totally un-romantic, but I wouldn't be complaining! They have an epic flight over the mountains & land on a local glacier. It's a beautiful site and they feel like they are the only ones on earth - they play like little kids in the snow. Super fun, super cute and all around just a out-of-this-world time - us Canadian girls are just good fun! ::

:: They head back in the plane to the hotel and get ready for dinner then meet up again, they talk about if he's ready to commit and if she's willing to move out of Vancouver...both answer YES. They hit the hot tub and she gives him the rose, it's a good thing but I'm not sold. I still really like Ed and I'm worried that he's going - humph. ::

:: They kiss. Surprised!?!?! ::

:: Poor Ed is feeling the pressure and meets with Jillian to talk about his choice. He tells her that if he doesn't leave than he's letting 6 or 7 people down vs. just letting her down. He can't do that. So he tells her he's leaving, but he wants to keep the rose. She is obviously upset and starts crying immediately - I can't blame her, she had kept Ed there for a reason. She feels that this is once in a lifetime and she wishes that he could have just taken the chance. I understand her point of view but I also understand and respect his. They hug and say good-bye. He knows she's upset and doesn't blame her, but I don't think this is the last we'll see of Ed...what are your thoughts?!?!? ::

:: There is no cocktail party - Jill's not in the mood since she just basically got dumped by Ed {aka: my work is more important than you} - so she heads into the rose ceremony knowing exactly who is going ::

:: The rose ceremony starts with Michael & Jesse already having roses, and since Ed removed himself there will only be one other guy going home, I was hoping that they would still send two home, but no such luck. Seriously, we need to get rid of some of this excess phat & quick! ::

:: Jillian proceeds to give roses to the following dudes in this order: Reid, Kiptyn, Robby, Jake, Tanner & Wes -- So poor Mark is heading home ::

:: Sneak Peek into next weeks episode looks rather juicy - oy vey! They head into the Rocky Mountains and experience some downs & some ups (!) --- Can't wait to see what next week brings. So, what are your thoughts, who are your front runners? And do you think that poor Jillian is looking a little stressed out these days?!?! ::

:: Sorry this update is late, I was waiting for the official photos to be posted so I could add them to my recap! ::

:: Ps. this is dedicated to New Mama "C" since she had just birthed her first baby last night I'm sure she'll have to catch up on the latest bachelorette news by tuning in here ;) --- Congratulations C & D, many blessings on your new little lovely family! ::
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