:: Perfect ::

:: I've been away from posting anything until I composed this post ::
:: I want to talk to you about your impression of me ::
:: I want you to know, I am FAR from perfect ::
:: I don't do everything well. I have struggles just like everyone else. I have things in my life that I don't talk about on here. I don't talk about them on here because I'm embarrassed about them or because I'm concerned of what y'all would think ::
:: I am "glass half full" kinda girl (on most occasions). I love my life. Some of the aspects in my life are challenging to me, and I'm working on those. My point is I am generally a very positive person, that doesn't mean that everything in my life is "perfect" or the picture of perfection ::
:: I have daily challenges with relationships in my life, weight loss, finances etc. Pretty much everyone has these same challenges in your life on one degree or another ::
:: However since this blog is a very public blog (as in everyone in my life pretty much knows about it) and it gets close to 60 views a day, I need to limit my information and sensor what I write about (which, let me tell ya is very difficult for me) ::
:: I would never want to write anything that would affect my friends or family in a negative way, but that doesn't mean me or my life is "perfect". I, in no way would I ever want to give off that impression. I do have a wonderful life and that is what I want to share with y'all ::
:: One key in my life is my Savior. Not my husband, not my kids, not my family, not even my friends (no matter how good y'all are). My God is my rock, He is my right hand, He is the one I call on for the simple things, He is my passion. He is what I want to show to you. He is my desire, He knows me best. He wants to see me be the best I can be. He is the one I want to bless with my life. He is the one I want to have shine through me ::
:: I strive to do all things in excellence through Christ. I don't always succeed, but I don't dwell on not succeeding, I pick myself up and try again. Because Christ is with me, when I succeed and when I fail He is there for me. His love for me doesn't change ::
:: I want you to know this because I have been feeling challenged on why I don't write about some of my struggles. However when I read back on my blog, I have written about my struggles. I've just chosen to write about them once they are resolved and usually they turn out alright, for the better or even better then I could have ever imagined. Then instead of a trial or a problem, they turn out to be something great ::
:: So I ask as you read my blog you look beyond the post and see what I had to go through to get to the end result that I have written about. More than likely I had to walk through a bunch of mud and gunk to get to the end result. I would also suggest that if you are in the midst of a trial or struggle (no matter how great or small) that you remember that the story is not finished. That what you are going through can be determined by your outlook and the choices you make ::
:: What would a book be without some good problems, a fight here or there and then a happy ending? Well, I'll tell ya, I sure wouldn't want to be reading that book! So expect that God wants your story to have a happy ending, no matter how crappy or dramatic the story is now. He wants it to end well and He will take care of you through it all ::
:: Okay, I didn't want this to be a preach-fest, but I truly feel like I may be misunderstood and that y'all think I live in a dreamy world with roses with no thorns, cake with no calories and children with no poopy bums. If this is what you see my friends, I'm sorry but you are sadly mistaken...I would be living in heaven if that were the case! ::
:: Enough is enough, I think I have gotten my point across. It has only taken me five days to write and publish this stupid post! ::
:: I hope you "get" me and if you have ANY questions about what I am like or what I think please feel free to drop me a line or leave a comment ::
:: I am going to leave you with this song, I have had this song in my head all week and cannot get it out of my heart and mind. It truly expresses how great God is and what he wants for us ::
:: I have posted the lyrics below as well as a link (or two because I'm indecisive) to youtube to listen to the song ::
Might to Save
By: Hillsongs Music
* * *
Everyone needs compassion

A love that's never failing

Let mercy fall on me

Everyone needs forgiveness

A kindness of a Savior

The hope of nations


He can move the mountains

My God is Mighty to save

He is Mighty to save

Author of salvation

He rose and conquered the grave

Jesus conquered the grave

So take me as

You find me

All my fears and failures

Fill my life again

I give my life to follow

Everything I believe in

Now I surrender

Shine your light and let the whole world see

We're singing for the glory of the risen King...Jesus
{FYI :: I had to put in these stupid things "~" between each paragraph so there would be spaces, blogger isn't cooperating with me! }


:: Why? ::

:: Seriously ::
:: Why did they need to add chocolate to their repertoire? :: :: Wasn't perfectly brewed, delish, strong coffee good enough? :: :: Why didja have to go and mix the two together on me? Now that is just dangerous! ::


:: A knock @ the door ::

:: Last week, Thursday to be exact I heard a knock at the door... ::

:: When I answered I found a sweet little girl that I love so much holding this ::

:: Now this is how the story goes, I get a call on Wednesday morning by this sweet baby girl's mom asking if I would be able to help cut her and her sisters hair. Being the loving Auntie I am, I says "sure, come on over". They arrive all ready to have their locks trimmed....now I thought, surely I wouldn't be trusted to actually CUT their hair!?!!? Who would do that? I use Sun-In in my hair for crying out loud (oh, side note: sorry Candice, I just remembered you emailed...I will email you back asap)! Nope, it was all me. So my thought is "well it's just hair, It'll grow back if I ruin it too much!" ::

:: As you can tell by the flowers the hair cuts went well and both little ladies looked perfectly trimmed, they may come back, if they do, I know I've done a good job. If not, that's okay at least I didn't ruin it too bad! ::

:: My new blog will be www.shawnasccc.com (Shawnas cakes cards & cuts). Ha Ha Ha, I'm just joking! ::

:: Thanks for the flowers lovely ladies, they were not expected but so welcomed! The flowers came from my favorite little flower shop called Flowers & Co. and to top it off they included some freesia...freesia just smells like wedding to me. I love it! ::

:: I am blessed to be me and an Auntie...if only by love! ::

:: I'm here... ::

:: Hey Y'all! Happy Monday to ya! ::

:: We had a super weekend full of lotsa livin' and it has left me quite deflated. I'm sure you understand ::
:: I will be around these parts tomorrow but right now I am recovering from going on a walk to and from Costco and from doing a whole bunch of laundry but not quite finishing the job (it's always been an issue for me) ::

:: I will download my pictures from the weekend tomorrow but I will be having guest for breakfast so it will be after that ::
:: Hope y'all have been enjoying the amazing weather (including the thunderstorm we had yesterday) ::
:: Blog atcha soon! ::
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