: Fathers Day 2012 :

This week has been such a blur...between end of the year celebrations {2 for each child} plus fathers day on Sunday then my nephews dedication as well.  Oy vey, what a week!  

But let's just chat about fathers day :: We usually do our fathers day celebrations with Paul on Saturday as both our dad's are celebrated on Sunday.  But this year I have been fighting a raging cold and when I woke up on Saturday it was a full blown cold.  Plus there was something happening with Paul's family so he had to go off for the better portion of the day and so we didn't get to celebrate on Saturday. 
So Sunday morning I woke up at the crack of dawn and made a nice little home made breaky for my man, my baby daddy ;)

French toast was on the menu
 With a nice side of fresh strawberries & cream
Yummo :: Poor Mr. L was a little shocked by the early wake up as Sunday mornings we easily sleep in till 8 am and by all wonders and miracles end up at church on time at 9am.  So a 7am breaky came really early to our bleary eyed faja. 
 Mr. L & the boys...they gave him a new car magazine and a new O'neil t-shirt, I got him a pair of golf shoes he had ooogled over at Costco a while ago, however they were a half size too small, but thankfully he found his size in another Costco.
Mr. L :: I'm so thankful that God arranged for us to be together and for you to be the father and daddy to our boys, we cherish and love the man that you are.  No need to shout it from the roof tops for it's evident by your provision and dedication to our family that you love us eternally.  


And to my Daddy, thanks for always being there to celebrate the small and the big milestones, for knowing that I can trust you and for being an excellent example of what I should look for in a man.  God blessed me when he gave me a Dad like you.  Love you always & forever! 
 I'll be back posting on all of our end of the year celebrations this weekend.  The forecast is calling for rain and thus we'll be hunkering down and getting cozy, happy summer ;) 

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