: Pumpkin Patch 2012 :

So so so much to talk about; to catch up on but alas my time just doesn't allow. 

But I'm gonna give it a go, try and get a few things {photos/memories} down and into my blog so I don't forget what we did all of August & September.  Sad but true, I have done very little in the way of celebrating every day and putting our life into a scrapbook.

I put trust in my blog to remember the details of everyday life that become foggy when we are doing just that; life!

Anyway I digress, I have all hopes and intentions to be back on the saddle of blogging, but I ain't making no promises cause I wouldn't want to disappoint myself ;-)

This past weekend was a hum-dinger, it was supposed to be filled to the gills with friends and outings, which it was, however our friends all cancelled on us due to being sick or a change of plans.  And yet, we still found a way to fill up every corner of the weekend with random jobs around the house, church, other un-planned friends, a trip to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins.
Amazing how busy life is when you write it all out.  This weekend wasn't the exception.
On Sunday after church we headed over to the "train store" aka Art Knapps, where they have a great display of pumpkins, trains, rides for the kids, trains, amazing display of holiday decor, trains...get the hint!?!?  The real reason we went there is because JJ is a train nut!
At any rate we had a great time enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, pumpkins and of course the trains.  A little secret is we went there and didn't spend a dime, I had purchased our pumpkins from our local big box store for a steal at $2/pumpkin a couple weeks ago.  I didn't know this at the time, but they were a super duper deal...the pumpkins at the patch we went to were selling for $6/piece and that's for the mid sized ones!?!!
 I hope to catch up sooner than later, however with Cole's 5th birthday on the horizon and Mr. L's shortly after, I can't promise much but I will try! 

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