:: I'm still here...Seriously, I am! ::

:: And I've been sick with angst {well, maybe not THAT sick} - by barely posting anything lately! ::

:: We've been good, really good, really busy good. But the feeling of
crazyi'mgoingtochopoffmyhead is coming to an end very very very soon ::

:: This is a good thing, it is. I keep on trying to convince myself of this, I like a busy life, but it's not healthy for the other members of my little world. So it must slow down. This is a long and quite painful process for me ::

:: In the meantime, I'll leave you with this; we've celebrated a lot in these past months that I have yet to journal {blog} about, so I will be doing catch up on manymanymany things. Fun things, busy things, things that have flashed by my eyes that I have barely taken time to sit and enjoy the memory of. Do you ever feel that way? At any rate, I will be going through all those memories {aka: Pictures} of the last three or four months and blogging about it, as a way to etch the fabulous experiences in my memory ::

:: So I'll be back, trust me, I've missed it around here! ::
:: XO, *S ::

{Ps. props to Mrs. Lisa B for the fabulous anniversary flowers, we're still enjoying them & to Nanny C for the beautiful lead glass vase, that I didn't quite appreciate having until just this week when I pulled it out of the box it's been in for the past 6 years, my how life changes!}


:: Anniversary ::

:: We celebrated our anniversary in the big city. We have a beautiful city, especially beautiful in the late Summer & early Fall - which just so happens to be when our anniversary is! ::

:: September 21st is almost always been a beautifully clear day and this year was no exception. Mr. L had to work, so I dropped the kids off at my parents place for an overnight excursion and headed into the big city to meet up with Mr. L ::

:: Where we checked into our hotel room with a view ::

:: Timed perfectly, we had about 15 minutes to get to our next destination - this was all a surprise to Mr. L. We walked 2 blocks further into Yaletown and found ourselves at the same building that we 7 years earlier booked our photographer for our wedding. Sweet memories we had of that day. So we walk up a flight of stairs and enter Tranquility Spa. It was delightful, I had booked us for a couples massage, one full hour of pure bliss. It was so heavenly, no rush, nothing to think about, ahhh, just heaven! We walked out of there barely able to keep our backs straight! What a great start to our 24 hours in the big city ::

:: We had made reservations at The Cannery as we had an Entertainment coupon that needed to be used. Well, what an experience dinner was! Oh my! ::

:: I didn't know this but when we were walking into The Cannery Mr. L shared with me that this was where his parents had their wedding reception 34 years earlier. It was the first wedding The Cannery had hosted ::
:: By chance we scored a window seat and we were just in time to see the sun setting, what an amazing site ::
:: They even had specially printed menu's just for us ::
:: Here I am in the light of the sunset, I don't usually look this nice, I think it was the euphoria from the spa treatment & the lighting from the sun setting ::
:: Here's Mr. L - I would dare say the same thing about him. He ALWAYS looks this good ::

:: We spent hours at the restaurant, enjoying the food, company and surroundings, it was an unbelievable night ::

:: The next morning we got up and headed across town to Granville to do some shopping, we also enjoyed the pool, steam room & sauna at the hotel ::
:: Here's what our hotel looked like from the courtyard - it was quite the day! ::

:: Next we had an appointment with Miss. Jamie Delaine to take our pictures in Kits, we did that for an hour or so then headed down to the beach to enjoy the view. It was a glorious day! ::
:: We then headed to Granville Island to walk around and people watch - Mr. L purchase this french cinnamon pastry - it was huge, at least 10 inches in diameter...oh but it was good! ::
:: We wandered through the market, looking at all the treats and beautiful sites ::

:: We then headed to The Keg to enjoy dinner, it was a great steak dinner at the brand new Keg in Yaletown ::
:: We then headed to Robson to do some shopping, Mr. L ended up finding a pair of jeans and we just window shopped the rest of the strip. After that we headed to Milestones to enjoy our last celebratory dessert together, the chocolate ganache dessert - it was oh, so yummy! ::

:: It was an amazing anniversary trip to the big city and we hope to make it a yearly event, going away, even just into the big city is certainly attainable once a year! ::

:: Babe, I love you more than the day I knew I loved you and even more than the day I married you. I'm proud to be your wife. xo, *Your Gurl ::

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