:: I'm still here...Seriously, I am! ::

:: And I've been sick with angst {well, maybe not THAT sick} - by barely posting anything lately! ::

:: We've been good, really good, really busy good. But the feeling of
crazyi'mgoingtochopoffmyhead is coming to an end very very very soon ::

:: This is a good thing, it is. I keep on trying to convince myself of this, I like a busy life, but it's not healthy for the other members of my little world. So it must slow down. This is a long and quite painful process for me ::

:: In the meantime, I'll leave you with this; we've celebrated a lot in these past months that I have yet to journal {blog} about, so I will be doing catch up on manymanymany things. Fun things, busy things, things that have flashed by my eyes that I have barely taken time to sit and enjoy the memory of. Do you ever feel that way? At any rate, I will be going through all those memories {aka: Pictures} of the last three or four months and blogging about it, as a way to etch the fabulous experiences in my memory ::

:: So I'll be back, trust me, I've missed it around here! ::
:: XO, *S ::

{Ps. props to Mrs. Lisa B for the fabulous anniversary flowers, we're still enjoying them & to Nanny C for the beautiful lead glass vase, that I didn't quite appreciate having until just this week when I pulled it out of the box it's been in for the past 6 years, my how life changes!}

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