I feel like I have little tid-bits of things that I have wanted to blog since my computer & camera decided to fight! So here is a little re-cap of my blessings...

I received this gift from my lovely neighbor Sarah, she gave me a thank you card the devotional "Daily Wisdom for Mothers" and$15 for taking care of her kids for a couple hours last week - Such a blessing! I just read one of the devotional today and loved it --- I'll share more about it later :)

My husband, my wonderful husband walked through the door on Thursday last week with three bouquets of lilies - What a treat, he said they were a "long time coming" and I would have to agree, I think that last time I got flowers was when I told him I was pregnant with Jacob! Jacob is now almost 5 months old ~ YIKES!

I also received this gift from Lisa. B - it was very sweet of her to surprise me with such a gift. But the most heart warming thing was the beautiful words of thanks she wrote in the card ~ I am truly blessed.

Another blessing is the amazing colours of Fall - this picture I took last week look at the beautiful colors on the maple tree...Isn't God's creation AMAZING!

::I am truly blessed::


Purses cont...

{Coach Continued}

{Louis Vuitton}I recieved the monogramed "Speedy" when Jacob was born:


{Marc Jacobs}

Purses Galore!

If you know one thing about me is that I love purses...I have since I can remember. My Grandma would by me purses from Value Villiage and I would pack them full of her cheap peach lipstick and roll up peices of paper to make cigarettes - My parents actually just found out that I was a closet smoker when I was 5 :)

My Auntie Rhonda is know for her great shopping and asked me to look at some pictures of pursese that I would like to have for my birthday ~ Ugh, do I have to!?!??! Let me endulge you in my McPurse Fantasy:

{Kate Spade}


To be continued...

"Kicker Josh"

Who know's "Kicker Josh" - He's come up in two conversations with two different people today - Weird!!!

Any Idea's???

Does anyone know where I can buy Jones Soda in Canada - they have very few places listed on their website. Heck you would think that since it is made in Vancouver that there would be plenty of shops willing to carry it! But that doesn't seem to be the case.

Any help would be much appreciated!

::Paul's Birthday Ideas::

Well since I'm home alone tonight (Paul is out watching the "Punisher" with some friends not my type of movie if you know what I mean) I decided that I would work on the details of Paul's 30th Birthday Bash that is creeping up on me! I have just over two weeks to turn this celebration into a night that he will remeber, but still maintaining the lo-key nature of who Paul is and not going too flashy! Plus I don't have the cash to make it super flashy, so I am trying to be creative! Please bear with me while I collect my thoughts!

What a BEAUTIFUL day!

Today was one of those days that is pretty much perfect :: Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and today was a perfect example of why I love it so much! Bring on the turtle-neck sweaters, jeans and boots!


::Too Cute::

Are these not the cutest little boy shoes ever...I especially love them because they have no laces to fight with!

Couldn't resist posting them - they are also from TARGET ** Gotta Love That Store**

Visitors tonight

Well so much for having a quiet night in with
Mr. McDreamy and Mr. McSteamy (neither of which are my husband).

My lovely friend Lisa also known as "Tante" to Mr. Jacob ( I have too many Lisa's in my life - so we had to mix it up!) stopped by and stayed for a snargle (this means cuddle) with Jacob and some tea. It was such a treat to see her mid week, usually we're lucky if we get to
see her on the weekend let alone in the middle of the week.

Good thing I was taping Mr. Dream &
Mr. Steam cause I would
much rather visit with Lisa than stare into the boob tube!

After about 45 minutes Grammie & Grammpie (My Mom & Dad) showed up - they had just been down to the States and had picked up some super cute items for Mr. Jacob from TARGET.

They bought him some cords, a long sleeve tee shirt
(which he needed so badly),a super cute sweater and these:

I think they are so cute...they are a size 2 so there isn't much room in them, but they will probably last him until Christmas (fingers crossed).

Well off to bed I go - I am running around tomorrow but I will do another post once I get my pictures from my Bro.

Good night my little world!

::Monday Night::

This Monday night our church is hosting a womens night ~
I'm excited! Hopefully Paul will keep Jacob for the night!

It's on tonight :: Grey's Anatomy

Yes, I'm one of the one's that loves this show...
there is something about it that is so addicting!
Can't wait to see what happens!


Here is an update on what's happening in my day :: Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to go along with my update. All of a sudden my computer has decided to not like my camera, so it won't download any of my pictures off of my camera (grrr).

Yesterday was a good day, I did some work for Cran Crk then I rushed home to meet Lisa, Madelyne and Emma for a quick visit and to pass on some Christmas gifts I had picked up for them when I was in the U.S.A. - They had a super sweet gift (that I did take a picture of) for me that made me feel truly loved and appreciated - Thanks Lis!

Then if that wasn't enough, Paul walked through the door with 3 dozen of my favorite flower ~ Lilies (Casablanca Lilies to be exact). I also have a picture of this that I will post later.

You would think my day couldn't get any better, but yes, it did. I swear since I have been a stay-at-home-momma my love language is "Laundry". If you have clean laundry folded in your drawer or hanging in your closet then you must know I really love you - Anyway, I was trying to get out those nasty marks that are on Paul's dress shirts (especially the white ones) around the collars and cuffs and nothing not even pure bleach would get them clean. But yesterday when I pulled Paul's dress shirt out of the Oxi-clean http://www.oxiclean.com/default2.asp bath that it was immersed in for 2 days there were no marks...Good as NEW! I was so pleased, I called Paul to let him know that I had just performed my first laundry miracle and then I called my Mom who thinks that nothing but bleach can get a good stain out. I have to say, they were both quite enthusiastic and made me feel like to laundry queen.

I am home today, trying to get some things done for Paul's work, paying bills, cleaning washrooms and hopefully my computer-handy brother will stop by and try and re-load the driver for my camera and then I will get my pictures uploaded and post them here.

I am also trying to decide on our Christmas cards, for the first three years of our married life I used Future Shop http://pix.futureshop.ca/en/create.php, they have really great cards with envelopes included for quite a good price. Then last year I just printed off pictures from Extra Foods with a border and my own Christmas wishes. So this year I am contemplating which route I should go?!?!? Costco also has some great borders and the cost is super cheap...Hmm, I will have to source it out and find out which way is cheaper - because with postage and all it can be quite the expense!

Here is the picture I was thinking of using ~ It's from Thanksgiving:

What do you think???

Well, I better run and feed Jacob - but hopefully I will be back to post pictures of our going-ons later today!


It's so EASY!

I love this blog - it's so easy! I don't care if anyone reads it, it is just nice to collect my thoughts and keep a journal of my daily going-ons...

My Son-Shine

Now just 4 months old, who would have thought that such a small package could be such an incredible influence on my life.

Jacob, my son, you are the light of my life!

My Rainy Day...

I have so much to post and so little time...

I have been working for Cranberry Creek (more on this later) today - My mom owns the company so I am able to work a little here and there to give me some extra cash once my maternity leave is up.

So I am on my computer today but not doing fun things like blogging - just work...

I promise I will be back with a THRILLING update tonight ~ Don't know how thrilling it will be but you will get an update!


I'm Official...

Post number one...I just wanted to sign on and leave Kristen a post to say hello and ended up making a site of my own. Oh well, this blog has been a long time coming.

So here we go!!

| About |

I'm a home grown family girl from West Coast of Canada. I've lived here my whole life {except for a short year with YWAM} --- I love where I live! I married my love Mr. L in September of 2002, we welcomed our first child, Jacob to our family in June of 2006 and our second little blessing, Cole in November of 2007.

I delight in my children and my family. But that doesn't mean it's not a challenge to be the best Mama I can be.

I'm a creator, visionary and lover of God. I don't often get bored as I'm always creating/changing/revamping something, whether it be decor in my home, a photo project, a cake, an outfit, trying to find the latest and greatest at the cheapest price is a passion of mine.

I'm a stay at home Mama and that means the world to me, and doing all of the work of a stay at home Mama with grace, love and my authentic self is what matters most.

Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you feel inspired and encouraged!


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