Here is an update on what's happening in my day :: Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to go along with my update. All of a sudden my computer has decided to not like my camera, so it won't download any of my pictures off of my camera (grrr).

Yesterday was a good day, I did some work for Cran Crk then I rushed home to meet Lisa, Madelyne and Emma for a quick visit and to pass on some Christmas gifts I had picked up for them when I was in the U.S.A. - They had a super sweet gift (that I did take a picture of) for me that made me feel truly loved and appreciated - Thanks Lis!

Then if that wasn't enough, Paul walked through the door with 3 dozen of my favorite flower ~ Lilies (Casablanca Lilies to be exact). I also have a picture of this that I will post later.

You would think my day couldn't get any better, but yes, it did. I swear since I have been a stay-at-home-momma my love language is "Laundry". If you have clean laundry folded in your drawer or hanging in your closet then you must know I really love you - Anyway, I was trying to get out those nasty marks that are on Paul's dress shirts (especially the white ones) around the collars and cuffs and nothing not even pure bleach would get them clean. But yesterday when I pulled Paul's dress shirt out of the Oxi-clean http://www.oxiclean.com/default2.asp bath that it was immersed in for 2 days there were no marks...Good as NEW! I was so pleased, I called Paul to let him know that I had just performed my first laundry miracle and then I called my Mom who thinks that nothing but bleach can get a good stain out. I have to say, they were both quite enthusiastic and made me feel like to laundry queen.

I am home today, trying to get some things done for Paul's work, paying bills, cleaning washrooms and hopefully my computer-handy brother will stop by and try and re-load the driver for my camera and then I will get my pictures uploaded and post them here.

I am also trying to decide on our Christmas cards, for the first three years of our married life I used Future Shop http://pix.futureshop.ca/en/create.php, they have really great cards with envelopes included for quite a good price. Then last year I just printed off pictures from Extra Foods with a border and my own Christmas wishes. So this year I am contemplating which route I should go?!?!? Costco also has some great borders and the cost is super cheap...Hmm, I will have to source it out and find out which way is cheaper - because with postage and all it can be quite the expense!

Here is the picture I was thinking of using ~ It's from Thanksgiving:

What do you think???

Well, I better run and feed Jacob - but hopefully I will be back to post pictures of our going-ons later today!


Jessi said...

What a great shot of you 3!!!

Canadian Kristin said...

You are the most beautiful family. WOW....great photo!

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