:: Off to the City ::

:: Tonight my Mom, SIL Lindsey, Cole and I are heading into the city to attend Beth Moore's event called "Living Proof" ::

:: So I'm off to prepare a bag for Jacob as he's staying with Grampy until Daddy get's of work tonight ::

:: I may be back before I go, if time allows. As I would like to post about something that I was inspired to bake last night ::

:: Have a wonderfully blessed Day! ::

:: The Big Cook ::

:: Well a few weekends ago Lisa, Jenn & I had a day of cooking which we called "The Big Cook" ::
:: There were three of us "Yummy Mummies" on board for the adventure ::

:: In days prior to our actual big cook day we organized recipes and got an estimate of how much of each ingredient we would need. Then on Friday night we all went out grocery shopping together to Costco, Superstore & Safeway. That is where we really saved the cash, we were able to buy those huge cans of items that you pass right by in Costco if your just shopping for your immediate family. But since we were making 8 entrees (making at least two meals from each entree for each of us) we were able to buy everything in HUGE quantities ::

:: Here are the girls before it really got messy (thanks for letting us mess up your kitchen Lise!) :::: Here are our peppers for our Stuffed Green Pepper dish :::: Here's the finished product :: :: Our tools for the day :: :: Look at how full that kitchen was, but we were productive. We started cooking (after a brief Tim's coffee break prior to starting *thanks to Jenn!) at 10:00 am and we were putting the finishing touches on our Lasagna at 5:30 and preparing for dinner with all 13 of us as we invited the Dad's and all the kids over for dinner - the last thing any of us wanted to do at the end of the day is cook another meal! And we figured since the Dad's had the kids for the day they would feel the same! :::: Classy Chicken all lined up :::: Chicken Enchiladas :::: Here I am chop, chop, chopping! :::: Here are my meals from the day - I took home 19 entrees all together. What a productive {& fun} day, thanks ladies!!! ::
** Edited to say :: The total cost of each entree turned out to be $7.30 - unbelievable hey!?!?! Where can you get a good wholesome homemade healthy well-balanced dinner for $7.30??? Maybe back in the day, but not in my day! **


:: Happy Birthday Jordan ::

:: We celebrated my {much} older brother Jordan's birthday on Monday night with a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings @ Mom & Dad's place - it was a delish meal and we had a great time visiting with GG (My Mom's Mom) and Uncle Jord & Auntie Linds...oh and of course Grammie & Grampy :: :: Jordan is a great brother, very protective. I guess by nature since he is the eldest of the family ::
:: However I have to say he is a much better Uncle - does that sound bad, if so I don't mean it that way. But Jordan has being an Uncle all wrapped up...rarely does a week go by that he doesn't take time out to visit "#1" (jacob) and "bubba2" (cole), and on those visits he plays, chases and tickles Jacob, Jacob just loves it. Often times he also comes over with a gift, he loves anything miniature and if he finds something that he may wear in one of the boys sizes he buys it, for instance one of their many Christmas gifts was a polar fleece vest from the VPD - today was Jacobs first time wearing it and he LOVED it ::
:: Happy Birthday Uncle Jordie! You are a great Brother and a superb Uncle ::

:: I'm baaaackkkkk! ::

:: And it looks like Spring is just around the corner...::
:: Hello all of my loyal readers ~ I am back. Life around here has been crazy and full of many "blog worthy" moments, just time does not allow. And to be honest, life and survival has been more important than blogging (no offence!). But I have a pile of things to blog about so stay tuned and get yourself a cup of something and enjoy the reading! ::
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