:: Giveaway Weeeener! ::

:: Geez, your guesses were good...however most of you were way off! Ha Ha, I though it would be a super easy contest because you could see a slight reflection of the tulips in the bottom of the . . . ROASTING PAN! ::
:: Now you can see it hey?!?! You can see the flowers reflection and my camera to the right of the flowers ::

:: So, I'm going to give the lotion to the closest guesser ::


:: She guessed it was on the edge of the sink, which was closest as it was a metal object it was on and it was in my kitchen! Ha ha, I've got my own rules for all of this giveaway nonsense! ::

:: Congratulations Mo! Email me your addy and I'll be sure to get this to you ASAP ::

:: Hope y'all are having a better hump day then me, ha ha, mine has been a doozy! ::


:: What we're learning ::

:: Near the beginning of Spring Jacob came home with this little sponge and a handful of grass seeds on top, no instructions given from the teacher and the only instruction I got from Jacob was "Grass seeds don't taste so good" - very observant Jacob {as we're driving home and I can see in the rear view mirror that he's chomping on something-Ha!} ::
:: So when Mr. L gets home we ask him if he thinks it'll grow..."I dunno" he states, humph, so much help you are! ::
:: So we decided to fill up the dish and see what happened ::
:: Well those must have been miracle seeds, because they started sprouting right on that there dinosaur sponge and made a lovely coat of green grass all over him ::

:: Even l
ittle brother was into seeing the grass grow. I don't think I got any other pictures of the lovely fully grown grass, but do not fear Lovelies I will repeating the same process next year at the same time when Cole comes home with his sponge of choice covered in grass seeds! ::

:: The lovely dish filled with the dinosaur, grass and water has now been transplanted to the garden, well that's at least what I told Jacob...little does he know that the garbage dump is where the garden is - Ha! ::

:: Happy Monday Lovelies...I've done my taxes and submitted them to my accountant, have dinner tonight with friends & watching the playoff hockey game and it's a balmy 20 degrees here today - couldn't ask for anything more! Okay, well I guess I could ask for a house cleaner but let's be realistic here folks! :: :: Xo, *S ::

:: Oh, look -- you thought I was done - no, I'm just full of surprises today! ::

:: Took this photo yesterday of one of my favorite flowers, these particular ones are from my garden, well all of them except one...The yellow and red one is from my neighbours yard, I just picked it, it was alone -- the only one in her garden. Plus I only had two, if you know anything, you know that flower arrangements must have odd not even numbers, so two wasn't going to cut it! Yeah, now you really want to be my neighbour! Bah Ha Ha Ha! I don't feel guilty one bit, it was the only one in her garden because the other ones I transplanted to my garden weeks ago when I took her 2footwide by 2footwide pot of peonies {legally, she gave them to me}! Ha! See so technically it was mine, I just forgot to take it when I transplanted the peonies! Ha Ha Ha ::

:: Anywho..this isn't about the flowers it's about a contest! Yeah, you know I love ya, I want you to smell super good for Spring, so here is what you have to do...Submit you guess as to what the tulips were on when I took this photograph. That's it! And this is what you will win ::

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