:: I love the plethora of fresh fruit and veggies that we have available to us in the Summer ::

:: One sunday back a few weeks this is what we had for lunch ~ it was SO yummy! ::

:: Hope you are enjoying the fruits of this season as well! ::
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:: The Many Faces of Cole ::

:: We have had so much fun with this little guy this Summer. He has such attitude in c0mparison to Jacob ~ he totally cracks us up! ::

:: Oh, Coley how we love you! ::


:: Movie Review: Mamma Mia ::

:: I don't often say this about many movies, but go and see this one...and if you are going - invite me....I would go again in a heartbeat! ::

:: It's not the movie I would typically go see but with the cast of characters, I couldn't go wrong! ::

:: So many great moments & little idiosyncrasies, that just get you from the start - So fun! ::

:: Thanks Mom for taking me to it and thanks to all the ladies that sang my ear off throughout the movie. I had a blast! ::


:: My Current Read ::

:: In case you are interested in what I am currently reading - here it is, the first in a series from Karen Kingsbury ::

:: My girlfriend Laura let me borrow a whole shwack of her Christian romance novels and it's proving to be a good one. I started it on Sunday and I'm already almost 3/4 of the way through :::: I'm not sure if I like her as much as Francine Rivers - but her writing is growing on me. I'm a suck for a good story! Especially when I'm sitting outside enjoying the sun, pretending my feet are in something other than a kiddie-pool! ::

:: Sailing away...::

:: Hello to all of you that read this, and SO sorry for not blogging more! My life is sailing away before my eyes ::

:: I am happy to report that we have found our groove again in the L household and we are no longer going to kill each other (that would be now that Paul has a private (aka: away from me and kids) office) ::

:: The next few weeks holds lots of fun and lots of work, so I will post when I can but I'm not promising anything! ::

:: I have to say that I am back in my groove of a few other things...running, yes I am MAKING time to run again and reading - both things I love but don't often make time for! So I have now made the choice that NOW is the time! ::

:: I'm off to enjoy a veggie & chicken dinner created by my lovely man and then maybe off to a show later -- if I get my run in, if I don't I can't go. That's the rule! ::

:: Have a great one ya'll ~ I know I will! ::

:: A Guest @ Our Place ::

:: We have accepted an exchange student from Japan for the next two weeks. She arrives tonight and will be staying in Cole's room {He's now bunked up with us, which Paul loves!} ::

:: We moved the crib into our room and moved my old bed {the only bed I had after my crib and before my marriage bed} into Cole's room an voila...it's now a lovely room that looks quite girlie! ::

:: Welcome to Canada Momoko {aka: Peachy - that's her English name..isn't it great!?!?} we look forward to having you experience all that Vancouver has to offer! ::

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