:: Sailing away...::

:: Hello to all of you that read this, and SO sorry for not blogging more! My life is sailing away before my eyes ::

:: I am happy to report that we have found our groove again in the L household and we are no longer going to kill each other (that would be now that Paul has a private (aka: away from me and kids) office) ::

:: The next few weeks holds lots of fun and lots of work, so I will post when I can but I'm not promising anything! ::

:: I have to say that I am back in my groove of a few other things...running, yes I am MAKING time to run again and reading - both things I love but don't often make time for! So I have now made the choice that NOW is the time! ::

:: I'm off to enjoy a veggie & chicken dinner created by my lovely man and then maybe off to a show later -- if I get my run in, if I don't I can't go. That's the rule! ::

:: Have a great one ya'll ~ I know I will! ::


Jennifer said...

Glad to hear you guys have settled in! Have a fun time with all your busy-ness! When you have a chance and feel like a drive out to the country I would love to have you guys over for a playdate :)

Amanda said...

Good for you for your new dedication! I wish I punished myself for not getting out and walking more.....but I don't....so GOOD for YOU!

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