:: Introducing....Cole Robert Laderoute ::

It is with great joy that we are proud to announce the arrival of our second beautiful son...

Born on Thursday, November 1, 2007 @ 11:57pm
8 lbs, 13oz - 22 inches

After his arrival Cole was warmly welcomed into the world by family and friends....Mom & Dad McClelland, Mum & Dad Laderoute, Uncle Jordan & Auntie Lindsey, Uncle Jaime, Uncle Michael & Auntie Jennifer and Auntie Lisa B.

Mom, dad, baby Cole & big brother Jacob are all doing well and expect to arrive home from the hospital on Saturday.

Thank-you to all those who prayed for a speedy and safe labour and delivery - your prayers were heard.


:: Chicken Little ::

:: Here is our Chicken Little or our Little Chicken all dressed up for Trick or Treating tonight. Since I'm not sure if I will be in the hospital or not we thought we should dress him up and get take some shots of him in his costume. Paul had also carved his pumpkin while he was sleeping as Lightening McQueen and as soon as he saw it he knew exactly what it was! So fun!!! ::

:: Baby No. 2 Update ::

:: So, with a very uneventful night I decided to go into my doctor's office to have my membranes stripped again. When she walked into the room, she's said "your still here!?!?!" um..yes, evidently! ::
:: She was so surprised because she said I was "so ready to go" on Monday and thought that it would have done the trick stripping the membranes on Monday. But apparently it didn't do much because my contractions slowed down even though I was out on my feet all day yesterday ::
:: So she checked me again and said I am "so ready to go" (where have I heard that before!) but now I am "easily 4 cm dilated" and still 80% effaced. She said that if she were to break my water that I would go into labour. She has put me on the induction list at SMH but they won't call me until I'm 41 weeks pregnant and I won't be there until Sunday. Lucky girl I am, I haven't even felt the pain of getting to 4 cm's - but I was 5 cm's when I went into labour with Jacob, so we're all hoping that this is going to happen sooner than later ::
:: The doctor said that when it happens, it will be quick..she said really quick as the only thing that is holding back the head is the sack of water (don'tcha just love all these details!!) ::
:: So that is my update for today, if anything happens I may get on here to update this then again , I may not...I wouldn't mind going into labour today, but please pray that I have the baby on the 1st as I REALLY don't want a Halloween baby! ::
:: Thanks Ya'll! ::


:: He didn't win ::

:: Our poor little boy had quite the fight today; with the pavement. After we returned from shopping Jacob was playing with the rocks at the side of the driveway as Mom and I were unloading the car...when we heard a loud thump to see that Jacob had just done a face first fall into our driveway - Ouch! I think the driveway won! ::

:: New Shoes & The Bun ::

:: So I have been searching (for a couple months now) for a cute pair of shoes that I can slip on with pants or a casual skirt and today I think I found them...well I bought them so I guess I did find them. I have to say I have searched high and low and these were not specifically what I was looking for but I think they fit the bill. I can tell you the price was right on, I paid $19.97 @ Walmart ::
:: Here is the bun as of today - My Mom came by to take me out shopping to Costco and Walmart and when she arrived she came bearing the cutest hat and matching scarf for me...thankfully she remembers what it feels like to be this pregnant and her gift was just the pick me up I needed - Thanks for thinking of me Mama! ::

:: A walk to the park ::

:: Paul, Jacob and I went for a beautiful walk the other day ~ I couldn't resist ignoring the need to make dinner and put up the second set of drapes in our familyroom since these beautiful fall days will be gone before we know it! ::

:: Fall Fun ::

Here some long over-due pictures of our Fall Fun Night that we had at our friends Matt & Lisa's a couple weekends ago.

Hope you enjoy the photo's and they capture the great night we had!

Caramel Apples *YummY*

Miss Emma

Paul's Pumpkin prior to being carved

Uncle Cookie - ready to carve!

Miss Madelyne *She wanted me to take a picture of her hands*

Caramel Corn

Paul with his pumpkin and Jacob playing peek-a-boo

:: Don'tcha just love these...if we could carve pumpkins my way in our house we would each have our initial in one - I loves it! ::

:: Still in side ::

Well that's the truth of it, this baby is still inside of me. I'm feeling okay, I really can't complain!
We had a bit of a scare on Sunday night so I called in back up (aka Paul's Mum) to come to the house while we went to the hospital to have a test strip done on the baby - everything was perfect, I'm dilated to 2 - 3 cm, soft and 80% effaced. So you would think that the baby would be progressing at a rather fast rate....WRONG!
But that is okay, God has this little one's birth date and life already mapped out which is so cool. So who are we to question his intentions or plan?
I covet your prayers while we're in limbo with the arrival of this little life.
I'm off to Costco with Jacob and My Mom to see if we can walk this baby out!
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