:: Lately ::

:: Wow, I did have the best of intentions to start writing up a whole slew of posts and posting them this last week. Obviously, that didn't happen. I had/have some sort of food poisoning or something of the sort, so I haven't been doing anything more than I have to... ::

:: Today Mr. L has the day off and, thus I have the day off {kinda - SAHM you know what I mean}. So I got to go out for coffee this morning with a friend while Mr. L went through his closet and cleared the clutter and organized his Summer wardrobe to be put away in the trunk until next year. Oh, it is pure joy to find Mr. L doing this! Seriously, pure joy! ::

:: Since it's a beautiful day here and we've been on the go since mid July --- we're in the mode {well at least I am}, to clear the clutter, organize and do those little pesky jobs that get put off throughout the Summer. As I write Mr. L is in the crawl space packing away the crib, that's right my littlest boy has been in his big boy bed officially for about a month now, and so the crib can go away. This is crazy for us as we haven't put it away since we had Jacob! Next I'm going to attack my closet, because Mr. L has put me to shame with his organization, then I'll move on to cleaning our carpets in our room...they took such a beating over the last year! Then I'll move onto the bed and put my fall bedding on our bed get rid of some of the junk that gets dumped in our "sanctuary" {yeah right!} ::

:: Once the babes are up from their naps, we'll head outside and clear the gardens for the winter, plant the bulbs {before January even! Ha!!!} and hopefully tidy up the garage a bit. We also need to re-landscape our side yard as we now have a motor home...oh, sorry, you didn't know!?!? Yeah, we bought {we is a loose term, Mr. L bought} a motor home early August, so we need to park it in our side yard so I can access the garage to park in during the Fall and Winter months. We've got a full few days of work here but it'll feel SO good to get it done! ::

:: After all that we have Thanksgiving to celebrate too! What a full weekend it will be...and hopefully {no promises though} I'll be able to get a few posts up -- geesh, I haven't even posted any pictures from our camping adventures with our new {old} motor home! ::

:: Happy Thanksgiving Y'all ::

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