:: Things I'm loving ::

:: I know it's Saturday, so the above title on the photo does not apply, but I used it anyway ;) ::

:: I'm loving actually taking time to read one of my stocking stuffers from Mr. L...it's a great issue that Instyle January! ::

:: I'm loving that I just ordered a new bamboo blind for my big-huge-entirely-too-big-for-our-kitchen window...inspired from a few different movie kitchens (It's complicated & Somethings Got to Give & The Proposal) -- then just the other day I was reading Eddie Ross' blog and came across this photo, I was sold! So I hopped on here this morning and ordered me up a $112.00 special order blind for my big-huge-entirely-too big window {as seen below} - just so you know it measures 70"x40" - told you it was HoooGe! ::

:: I'm loving my new do, it was time for a change {thinking about 2011, hint hint} and thus thought I would overhaul my lovely locks and change it up for the New Year. Here is the before - sorry for the crappy phone photo ::

:: And here is the after - I love it, I love my hair stylist too. She does a great job of listening to what I want and I don't think she has ever let me down and I've been having my hair done by her & her hubby since I was 12. That's a stinkin' good track record! ::

:: Lastly, I'm loving my Citrine earrings I received from Mr. L for Christmas. They are beautiful and quite different to anything else I have. I also love that they are my birthstone and mean hope, cheerfulness, fidelity, youth and health - what great meaning! ::

:: Hope all you lovelies are having a great weekend, we were out last night with out the babes {thanks Aunty L & Uncle J for taking them for us} celebrating a families going away to another country for missions - we had a fabulous time! And tonight we're going over to other friends for a nice chill night of Chinese food and to watch Wall Street - Happy Weekend Y'all! ::

:: Oh, and just a little praise report, we have dear friends who got to see their son ski down hill this last week, you can go here to read all about their story - they are lovely people and we celebrate with them as they see God's plans unfold for their family ::


:: Yesterday ::

:: Yesterday, yesterday was a bad day for me...no specific reason as to why it was. It just was. Too much schedule {this coming from the girl who loves to schedule scheduling} to my boys being at each others throats from dawn till dusk. To things needing to be back to "normal" and having no time to create "normal" - blah blah blah, you get the point ::

:: I'm generally a really positive person and thus not getting too down about anything, but yesterday I just couldn't shake this overwhelming feeling, feeling useless yet overworked and yet through that valley, I know that God is with me walking with me every step of the way ::

:: So, waking up this morning, I thought "ahhh, at least it's not yesterday" - Ha! I woke up feeling like a tonne weight was sitting on top of my head! But the party must go on, people must get dressed, beds made, snacks prepared, laundry completed...you know how it is! Finally though, my head ache is gone and I'm hoping some time alone with hubby for dinner will make me feel even better ::

:: Here's to new tomorrows and a large dose of patience ;) ::


:: Mish Mash ::

:: Life currently feels like a bit of a mish-mash; we've just started back to school - which while it feels good to be back into routine, it also means we're rushing out of the house every day. The house is in the between stages of having Christmas decor up and having it down. So currently I have no dining room table - along with taking down the Christmas decor, I like to re-decorate and re-organize. This makes the job 10x more fun, but more work too ::

:: We're also thinking of moving and thus putting our home on the market, not sure where we would move to or if we even want to move; but we are mulling it over and praying about it ::

:: We're also waiting for another snow day here in the lower mainland as of this morning they {the weather peeps, that is} said it was supposed to snow this afternoon. We have yet to see anything other than a little freezing rain. Boo! ::

:: Oh well, the boys are snuggled up in their beds still and quiet...Mr. L has fallen asleep watching some show on the discovery channel. So all is content and perfect in my world. I'm going to head to rest sooner than later too. This mornings routine came quickly and without warning, must try to do better tomorrow morning! ::

:: Blessings y'all ~ hope this year has been wonderful thus far - we're only 4 days in..it should be ;) ::


:: Back Dating ::

:: I'll be posting a few posts that I didn't have time to get up during our busy Fall 2010 -- here is the first of many about our date night to Jack Johnson and another one of Halloween - enjoy and happy 2nd day of 2011! ::

XoXo * Shawna
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