:: Our Snow Day 2007 ::

:: Well our day started off as an early one getting ready to go and drop Jacob off at my parents then head to church for the morning...well, the weather had different plans. It took me over an hour to get to my parents place (usually 10 minutes) and so once we got here we just stayed here - we played, we baked, we drank coffee, surfed the web and ate. Paul came home early to miss the "after work rush" and then our friend Matt who was caught in the "after work rush" stopped in and stayed for dinner & dessert with us as it was just to crazy to sit for the traffic to clear. All in all, for an unplanned day - we had a very nice day! ::
:: The bEaUTiFuL Snow ::

:: Jacob helping us in the kitchen ::

:: Mom & I made Saskatoon Berry Filo Pastry Tarts ::
:: And I helped her stir up her "Cran-Ola" - My absolute favorite ::
:: Grammie & Jacob playing...he does have a play pen but the basket
seems to work just as well ::

:: Bumbo like Seat ::

:: I found this as I was browsing through Target.com today - Very similar to the much more expensive Bumb...and I prefer the color options of this seat in comparison ::

:: It's 34.99 USD ::

• Revolutionary infant chair is designed to fit a baby’s posture; once babies have head control, they can sit upright in the chair• Helps develop trunk control they need to sit up on their own; gives you more interaction with your child• No uncomfortable straps or fasteners; designed so baby’s own weight keeps him or her in place• Recommended by pediatricians, orthopedists and physical therapists• 9.12Hx13.12Wx14.75L


:: So much to update, so little time ::

I think our power is going to go out – it has fluctuated three or four times in the last hour!

So I may not get through this post without it going out, so here goes…

Last night our little one got sick, we got home from a little celebration for Connor Dean at our Cell Group and we put him to bed. Right to sleep he went for about 15 minutes than every few minutes after that he was getting up and groaning. So I put him down for the last time on his back (I had been elevating him due to his runny nose) and I came into the den to download some pictures when I heard him kinda cough and make a funny noise followed by the sound of him choking. So I run in and grab him, flip him upside down and felt the puke run out of his mouth into my hand and onto the mattress. Poor little guy, he didn’t know what hit him. He has never been a “puky” type baby, so it was quite surprising to us that this would happen. I was just thankful I was close by and could hear him, because if I were downstairs I probably wouldn’t have heard him! Yikes. He seems to be back to his normal self today, although he still has some signs of the cold that he has been fighting off. So I am sure that by Friday he will be back to his normal self :)

And so on Friday I am going to take pictures of him for the Regis & Kelly “Beautiful Baby” Contest (I have a few already but I want to try and get a better one as it has to be from the last month or so) – if you have a babe at home, than you should enter them too…heck you may get a free trip to NY out of it – Wouldn’t that be a blast :)

Here is the link: http://bventertainment.go.com/tv/buenavista/regisandkelly/index.html

Well, I am getting some work down around the house that has been on my “to-do” list since September; I guess it’s about time that I accomplish the petty tasks!?!?! So I am trying to tie up those loose ends around here this afternoon and then I will probably try and do some scrapbooking…I only have 3 pages completed out of our 2006 album! I guess I was a little busy in 2006 :)

Hope you are all well :: I will be posting a few pic’s of Jacob that I may submit to Regis & Kelly so please cast your vote!


:: FYI - Infant Car Seats ::

Infant Car Seats
Friday, January 5, 2007
Consumer Reports just crash tested a dozen infant car seats at the same speeds governments use for rating the crash worthiness of most cars. The majority of infant seats did poorly and the video evidence is frightening.
The government crash tests many vehicles at thirty-five miles per hour. Side-crash tests are at thirty-eight miles per hour. Consumer Reports just crash tested twelve infant car seats at those same speeds. It’s actually a more rigorous test than the government currently requires.
"The government calls for front-crash tests at thirty miles an hour not thirty-five,” says Kim Kleman of Consumer Reports. “And there are no side-crash tests for car seats,” she continues. “Consumer Reports believes that car seats should withstand the same kind of crashes as the cars that carry them."
While testers found all but one of the seats met government standards, nine of the seats failed some or all of Consumer Reports’ tougher tests. During those tests some of the seats twisted violently and four actually flew off their bases. And the Evenflo Discovery seat did not even pass the government’s less stringent test.
"We've urged federal officials to order a recall of this seat," says Kleman.
Consumer Reports rated the Evenflo Discovery “Not acceptable”. In the end, only two seats did well enough in Consumer Reports’ tests to be recommended.
"So if you are going to be buying an infant seat, choose one of those," says Kleman.
They’re the Graco Snugride with EPS and the Baby Trend Flex-Loc. Both cost ninety dollars.
The following four infant seats did not perform well in Consumer Reports Tests using the latch system. But they did fine when tested with seat belts. If you own one of these seats, Consumer Reports recommends installing it with seatbelts. They are the:
Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP
Evenflo Embrace
Compass 1410
Chicco Keyfit
You can view Consumer Reports’ complete infant car seat crash test results at:

:: Almost There ::

:: Christmas is officially over at our home ~ At least for 2006! ::
I just finish re-decorating our main floor and I have moved all the presents up to the upstairs hallway to be delivered to the appropriate places tomorrow as the boys in my life are now sleeping :)

I have re-arranged our living room/back entrance area, changed artwork around, hung some pictures, re-arranged all of our everyday decor and I have cleaned every corner of the main level. And it only took 8+ hours :)
I have taken pictures but the camera is in my purse for tomorrow just in case we have any Kodak moments :)
I did take a break and watch a movie with Paul tonight called the "Cinderella Man" Ugh, what an incredible story ~ If you have not seen it, go and rent it! It had me crying at least 3 times and make sure you watch the bonus material all about the real-life "Cinderella Man".
So Good-Night all - I will show you the progress on our house at some point tomorrow ~ Enjoy your Sunday, the Lords day.
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