: Working it :

Today is Thursday - in the second week of January and today is my first day of "work" for the year...So I'm in the kitchen building a princess cake {actually 2 of them} for my niece - so even though it's work, it's still for pleasure as it's for her ;)

I've been keeping up and working it on the treadmill since boxing day and I've been able to squeeze in some interval training as well....feels good, but finding that extra 1/2 hour to 45 minutes a day is nuts, but so glad it's a priority!Yesterday I had a little guy come down and count me out when I was doing leg lifts/push ups/traveling planks and I guess my face looked rather pained when I moved and Cole burst into tears! I said what's wrong? He said with such sadness "that was a really hard one and it looked like it hurt!" and started to cry again. What a sweet little thing! I ensured him that the self-induced torture was not hurting Mama ;)

Nothing like a new pair of kicks to help you get back into the step of things -- here are mine; they fit like a glove....I'm in love ;)
Edited to say: BabySteals has Lindsay Brin's dvd sets on sale today --
So for those days that I'm feeling less inspired and want to have someone working it with me I'll pop in one of her amazing work outs --- she is incredible {I bought the 60 day slim down, for a steal @ $30!!!}!

Have a fabulous Thursday lovelies!



: Wednesday :

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't Wednesday's always creep up on you!??! I always wake up Wednesday mornings thinking "it can't possibly be Wednesday already!".

Wednesdays are good days -- but typically the busiest one of the week. I have Women by Design in the morning {during Cole's school hours} which I love, but means that I'm not just going to spray shampoo my hair and throw on my favorite LuLu's and Nike's...I'm going to actually put some sort of thought into myself as it's the one day that I get to interact with humans that are taller than 4 feet!

But along with it being one of my favorite days, it also comes with more time being needed on everything, my breakfast/snacks, getting ready, fixing the house prior to leaving so I don't come home to beds to make, dishes to do...which in turn makes Wednesday just that much more busy than any other.

At any rate, it's a beautiful day in my neck of the woods and thus it's a lovely day.

I signed up for a new study @ Women by Design this morning and I'm really looking
forward to it -- so much promise and hope washing across my January...it's gonna be good!Anyway, I better run here as "project organization" is still in full effect and I've got a few more minutes before I'm dashing out the door to pick up JJ!

Oh, but I must share one of my new "things I LOVE" ---- My girlfriend CJ told me about this fabulous tea, and F A B U L O U S it is! So fabulous I bought 2 boxes of it at our local grocery store this afternoon! Thanks CJ for letting me in on one of your favorite things!
Happy Wednesday all!



: Project Organization :

Happy Monday!!!
We had a great weekend enjoying some family time, dating time, church time & friend time. Now it feels great to get back into the swing of things and into our daily/weekly schedule...

We've been in our house since the end of September - between move-in and now we have celebrated 3 birthdays {
in our immediate family}, our 9 year anniversary, halloween, renovations in the basement, survived another season of Cranberry Creek and Christmas...obviously that's not including the every day/week events that happen with school and such!

So to say the least, our home is ready for some good 'ol organization, from adding hooks to the entry way to re-organizing the cutlery drawer; our home is getting an organization face lift!

Mr. L and I hit up Ikea after dinner on Saturday night {our yearly "goals" date} and invested in some new tools to help organize our new place.{ this is Mr. L's idea of o r g a n i z a t i o n :: he loves the thought of being organized but kinda lacks the way in which to make things organized - ha ha}

I'm trying to organize our home on a budget -- I have grand schemes in mind, but little budget so I hit up one dollar store on Friday night prior to heading out for a "girls night out" then hit another one before I picked up JJ from school today. I've found most of the things I've been looking to create a more organized place at the dollar store...may not last me a lifetime but it will do me for a year or two and for a buck, you can't beat that!

I've heard of lots of friends organizing and I feel it too, when the weather is dreary and all those organization containers are on sale plus the increase of "new" from Christmas...I've got to get the STUFF under control or I'm going to loose control! Anyone else feel my pain, or am I the only crazy one!?!

Literal things I'm working on:
Daily file :: for mail...Mr. L drives me nuts with this, so hope this will help
CD file :: specifically for Christmas movies/music
Linen closet :: organize & label

And speaking of home, one of my favorite design couples is coming back to HGTV! The Novogratz family is back with a new show called "Home by Novogratz" can't wait to watch it tonight!

Any help with your organization tips would be greatly appreciated!

Happy organizing!

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