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Today is Thursday - in the second week of January and today is my first day of "work" for the year...So I'm in the kitchen building a princess cake {actually 2 of them} for my niece - so even though it's work, it's still for pleasure as it's for her ;)

I've been keeping up and working it on the treadmill since boxing day and I've been able to squeeze in some interval training as well....feels good, but finding that extra 1/2 hour to 45 minutes a day is nuts, but so glad it's a priority!Yesterday I had a little guy come down and count me out when I was doing leg lifts/push ups/traveling planks and I guess my face looked rather pained when I moved and Cole burst into tears! I said what's wrong? He said with such sadness "that was a really hard one and it looked like it hurt!" and started to cry again. What a sweet little thing! I ensured him that the self-induced torture was not hurting Mama ;)

Nothing like a new pair of kicks to help you get back into the step of things -- here are mine; they fit like a glove....I'm in love ;)
Edited to say: BabySteals has Lindsay Brin's dvd sets on sale today --
So for those days that I'm feeling less inspired and want to have someone working it with me I'll pop in one of her amazing work outs --- she is incredible {I bought the 60 day slim down, for a steal @ $30!!!}!

Have a fabulous Thursday lovelies!


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