:: Happy Birthday Cole! ::

:: On November 1st Cole turned 1 ~ Unbelievable, my baby is ONE!!! ::

:: We had a great Autumn fest with pumpkin everything {I figure I can only milk this one for a few years, then he will be sick of all the pumpkin stuff} ::

:: We enjoyed great friends... ::
:: And family ::
:: We opened presents, he was a pro...it seems like big brother has taught him a thing or two! ::
:: We blew out candles on a single pumpkin cake just for him ::

:: We had some good laughs... ::
:: And some great conversation ::

:: Thank you all for joining us in celebrating our sweet boy - We are blessed to call you all our "family" ::

:: To my sweet, tender, dramatic little boy, you have my heart. You are a blessing from your yells from your crib in the morning to your over dramatic response when your brother runs by you. I love you through and through. My heart delights in your spirit and joy. God has truly blessed us with your presence and I can't wait to see what He has in store for your life ::

:: "And now thus says the Lord, your creator, and He who formed you, fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine." Isaiah 43:1 ::

:: Halloween 2008 ::

:: We had a great Halloween, we spent the evening with my parents and the "B" family. It's so lovely to go to my parent's place, they prepare dinner, so we can focus on going out knocking...it was a great time! ::

:: We had a race car driver ::

:: And a giraffe ::

:: Thanks M&D for hosting a great night, it's always so fun to have traditions! ::

:: Pumpkin Patch ::

:: Back at the end of October just before Halloween we headed out to the APPLE BARN ::

:: It is a great little farm with lots and lots to do without costing a cent! Just my type of fun! ::

:: There was a petting zoo & fabulous slides in and out of the barn ::

:: Apparently Jacob wasn't too fond of the animals! ::

:: Cole's a whole different city - Ha Ha! ::

:: Here goes Emma down the slide...look at that excitement! ::

:: My boys heading down the slide ::

:: You can't get better colours than this! ::
:: They also had a super cute measuring board for the kids to measure themselves against ::
:: The pumpkins all lined up ::
:: The acreage ::
:: Cole and Me in front of the "Mater" truck ::

:: Paul and Jacob checking out the Pumpkins ::
:: The boys picking the pumpkins ::
:: How cute is this!?!? I think this is the first time Jacob didn't actually tackle Madelyne to the ground! Hopefully we're past that stage! ::

:: Picking his pumpkin ::
:: Paul made a pumpkin topiary..I want one of these for our front door next year! ::
:: Perfect Pair ::
:: Madelyne with Daddy & Emma ::

:: So until next year...we'll be back at the Apple Barn again, it was a fabulous time and wonderful memories! Thanks for joining us the "B" family! ::

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