:: Tonight ::

:: Im going to see Jewel in concert! ::
:: seriously, have you ever known of a young (cute, most of the time) Mom of two small babes to go out for sushi on a Friday night with her husband and two fabulously fun friends to a Jewel concert?.well probably you have, but that doesnt often happen in my world! ::

:: Our great friend Chris (aka: Cookie or Uncle Cookie to our kids) had three extra tickets to Jewel and offered them up on Facebook last night and bang! I got em, so I called on our girlfriend Rhonda (the cute thang she is) and a fun night out was planned! ::

:: Thanks Chris for offering up the tickets and thanks to having great hook ups! If you ever need to get rid of other concert or event tickets you know the cave we live in, just come on over and drop them by! ::

:: What can I say? We are blessed! ::

:: Have a great weekend ya'll, we have a BBQ planned for tomorrow night and probably some fun office organizing so that I don't go too insane! ::

:: Life:Beautiful ::

:: My Mom came across this magazine……… - It’s young, cute, full of great little snip-its of information and to top it off it’s a Christian Magazine ::

:: Finally a magazine that is done in excellence that is “Christian”! No offence to those other “Christian” Magazines but you just don’t cut it ::

:: I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this one! ::

:: If you too want to check them out and get a sneak peek of the goods you can see them here Life Beautiful Magazine ::


:: C E L E B R A T I O N ::

:: I have been thinking a lot about celebrating. Where did I learn to celebrate? ::

:: My family are all great celebrators, especially my Mom. She is infamous for celebrating the littlest things - I remember one particular time when I was 3 or 4 and my Mom made a round chocolate cake with mini marshmallows on top of it in the shape of a smiley face, but a smiley face with glasses. My older brother Jordan, just got his first set of eye glasses and we were going to celebrate! ::

:: She (my Mom) instilled a great thing by showing me that everything is to be celebrated. For that I am thankful ::

:: That is why I started making cakes & cupcakes, to show a sign of significant celebration...and a great sign it is! ::

:: I love celebrating, I love making people feel special and celebrated. Everyone should feel that way. That's what I think! Maybe one day our paths will cross and I will have inclination to celebrate you too - I thank God that He has given me a desire to celebrate. We all have something to celebrate ::

:: I have had lots of parties lately in celebration of different milestones...Birthdays, Graduations and even Death and I truly think that celebrations add so much to life, I couldn't imagine living life without celebration. It is such a breath of fresh air to come along side someone and celebrate something that they have done or a milestone in their life - that is truly a gift in itself ::

{ Cupcakes done in celebration of a high school Graduation - They were jumbo cupcakes with a Grad Cap made of dark mint chocolate...surrounded by Skittles and labeled. They also worked as place cards for each Graduate }

:: Ugh ::

:: I'm sorry - I suck! Ya'll have been left in such suspense of what "new news" we have in our house ::

:: I know that you have just been dying to know...right. You have been DYING to know, you haven't? Ah, poop, maybe not! ::

:: Well do you want to hear why I haven't been on here (my computer that is)? Well because the wonderful news we received turned on me ::

:: It's delightful, Paul got a new job, a raise, wonderful benefits ::

:: One of those benefits is he gets to work from home ::

:: YaY Us...kinda ::

:: So there is our news, very fun, very good, very needed & wanted...however get you're own darn computer Mr. L - this one is mine! ::

:: So there, it's Paul's fault for my lack of blogging, we have yet to get our wireless Internet installed, so he sits using MY computer (which is actually our computer), at MY desk (which is too, our desk). But hey, during the day when he's working - so am I! ::

:: And if no one thinks that updating a blog, planning family affairs, doctors appointments, facebooking, organizing birthdays, daycare etc. isn't a full time job...I've got an earful for ya! ::

:: Edited to say ::

:: Oh, right. Yes, thanks Nickie for reminding me what this post was actually about. Yes, Paul's new job. He is in the same field of work but he now wears a title that is very officious "Western Regional Manager". He is in the healthcare industry which he loves, but he has moved to a bigger company with a bigger piece of the pie. We are truly astounded at this opportunity and cannot thank God enough for meeting our every need and more. We are BLESSED! ::
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