:: The ER ::

:: It all started last Tuesday when Paul felt he had a head cold ::

:: He declined taking some extra pills as he felt that some good food {like an apple} and some rest {like 7 hours instead of 5} would cure his cold and aches ::

:: It didn't ::

:: By Friday night he was in some serious pain so I was able to give him a good dose of pills. They didn't touch the pain ::

:: We had friends over for breaky on Saturday followed by dinner at his parents place for Thanksgiving. We returned home to Paul worshiping the porcelain god aka: he was sick ::

:: That evening he took a total of 5 Tylenol 3's and 2 gravol and they didn't make this headache go away. Frankly the pain was so bad he couldn't sleep ::

:: By 5 am Sunday morning he was in so much pain he could barely stand. I called the nurses hot line and she asked how bad the pain was, he said that it was an 8 out of 10 and she also asked if it was the worse headache he had ever had...um, yes! She said she could only advise to go to the hospital as his pain was so severe. So we made the decision to head into the hospital ::

:: We get to the hospital and we're the only ones in the waiting room....this is good news! ::

:: He gets admitted and the doc comes to see him..long story short it took 5 doses of 4 different meds {fed intravenously} to get the headache to finally subside. The last drug was a double dose of morphine with gravol ::

:: We were in the hospital from 6:30 am - 11:30 am and he left feeling SO much better ::

:: The doc said that he had/has a sinus infection that went bad. The sinus infection got so bad that he got a headache and couldn't even feel the sinus infection. Now that the headache is gone he can now feel the affects of the sinus infection and he's now on antibiotics to clear that up ::

:: The doc also said that he would not have been able to fight this off by himself, he was too far gone ::

:: He is much better now and he now knows to take something for his headaches right away as it could turn really bad if he doesn't ::


:: It's that time again! ::

:: I can't believe it's already been a month since we had our last event...now on to Prayer, Praise & Pastries ::

:: If you have time tomorrow, take time out of your crazy life and come out and have some fabulous fellowship, some amazing worship & some wonderful pastries ::

:: I'm almost finished my portion of the preparation...I said almost! There is always some last minute things to keep me on my toes! ::

:: Happy Thanksgiving ::

:: {Thanksgiving flowers from my love} ::

:: This past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving {for those of you who read this and live in the States} ::

:: We had a fabulous time celebrating with all of our family at different times throughout the weekend ::

:: {Paul with his Papa, Victoria & Cole} ::
:: {One of the food tables @ my parent's place} ::

:: It was a great weekend but very very exhausting. We ended up loosing some sleep due to the boys being off of their normal schedule. We always seem to not worry about their schedule when we're celebrating the holiday's because they are well behaved and happy but we really should stick to their schedule as they turn themselves inside out for the next two days following the celebration ::

:: {Thanks Trev for grabbing my camera and taking these shots. Pics from my parent's place and the grand gathering} ::

:: At any rate it was a great weekend {minus a visit to the ER - more on that later} and we had a great time racing around preparing and celebrating with all the people we are SO thankful for! ::

:: I hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend and took some time to remember what you are thankful for ::

:: My cup of thankfulness is running over ::
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