: Rite of Passage :

I talk about the "rite of passage" often.

It comes in different forms at different times in our lives.

Here are some of the ones I've experienced...

I can remember when I was 18 working full time downtown while living in the valley, dating Mr. L, I remember having "NO" time & being "SO" busy and I had "NO" money {HA!} but I didn't really have any expenses either...figure that out! That is a rite of passage - I was a girlfriend.

Mr. L & I got engaged and I thought it was going to be this dreamy lovely delightful time, IT WAS NOT! It was a short amount of time crammed with decisions, expectations and frustrations. At one point during our engagement I even threw my ring at Mr. L in the street...yeah, dreamy hey!?! That is a rite of passage - I was engaged.

We got married and I thought we would have so much time, I would be Mrs. homemaker and I could do things my way -- it was MY house. Um, yeah..not so much. My new husband and I had our first fight over the fact that I was taking control of everything and our home was NOT my bedroom in my parents home. It was OUR home and the way I was running it was not giving him space to enjoy it. OY! That is a rite of passage - I was a wife.

Then we get pregnant with our first bebe and again there are expectations and unexpected changes that nobody tells you about. Yes, it's a joy, yes it's one of the greatest things in life if not the greatest thing. But that greatest thing doesn't come without HUGE sacrifice. That is a rite of passage - I was pregnant.

You raise those kids and send them off to school prepared with what you hope are ground rules for life to find out that your kid {you know one of the greatest gifts, that one} punched another person in school. Nice. That is yet another rite of passage - I was a mom.

Remember those days when you were "SO BUSY & SO TIRED" they don't even compare to the type of exhaustion you feel once your a parent responsible for teaching your kids the right way, teaching them about God and living through Him, feeding them in every way {spiritually, physically, emotionally}, helping them turn tough lessons in life into learning experiences, feeding their bodies not just their tummies...the list goes on forever it seems. I laugh at the time I stayed home all day with my little guys, sure it was hard but the demand of having kids in school is so much more exhausting - it's a constant juggle of time vs. chores...I don't even know how moms that work do all of it! This is all a rite of passage - I am a washed up mother.

I now watch my parents and my in-laws running around trying to assist their kids {us} with taking care of their grandchildren, in between having a life for themselves and dealing with ailing parents..I have yet to experience this rite of passage but I know it's sure to come.

You can't write a book with all the "rites of passage" for life that's why they are "RITES OF PASSAGE" You have to walk through it yourself -- just remember that whatever place in time you are at, someone has come through it and has survived it; you can too!

Of course all of these moments in time and rites of passage obviously had their joys, major joys and most of the time that is what I remember. But life isn't perfect, change hurts and rites of passage are just that, CHANGE!

Try enjoy the moment you're in -- you may be in a time where everything you have known is changing think back to all the other "rites of passage" that you have gone through thus far and just know that it's going to level out and you'll have overcome another rite of passage. After all isn't that what life is all about!?!?

That's all that's on my mind for today Lovelies -- I'm off for coffee with a friend and a day at home, should be a good day!



: What I LOVE Wednesday :

I don't have too many things on my "what I LOVE" list this week, but the few I have ROCK!!!

This one I got in my most recent order from Avon :: It's a tinted moisturizer and it's amazing! It gives a nice dewy glow to my skin so if I'm just having a day at home I just add bronzer, my eyebrows {HA} and some mascara. LOVE it! And I think it was on sale for a steal --- like, $5!
I also picked up a new cleanser from Avon that is a gel based cleanser with toner beads right in the gel. I love that my skin feels clean after but not stripped of all the good stuff...just the junk ;) Again it was on sale and such a deal!
I've got a busy busy Spring but I love it -- one of the things I LOVE is planning a party and what a better excuse then adding a new family member!?! My friend and I are in full time planning mode over here -- let the ideas roll!
I LOVE that I have a girlfriend coming over for a long overdue coffee date tomorrow morning and that we have a beautiful blue sky outside today {which is also LONG overdue ;) }

That's it for me today...I've got a messy house that NEEDS to be fixed as it's been put on the back burner due to the toe injury but I'll get it done so once we return from school we can get our play on outside and maybe some gardening - oh joy!

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!


: LOVE Day Feast :

On Valentines day since it was a week night and just the same 'ol normal routine the only thing I could think of doing as a special treat was making a "Love Feast of Roast Beast".

*Our menu*
Roast Beast {as our family calls it}
Fresh butter buns
Pink velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing {for the boys}
Flourless chocolate cake {for the adults}

Daddy had given the boys little Valentine chocolates in the morning and at dinner we placed chocolates on their plates as well as a card and a shared gift of a movie.

Mr. L had gifted himself some new ski's 2 days prior to Vday -- bad timing Mr. L --- but they were a deal he couldn't pass up! So I gifted him a little card, 1 pound of French hazelnut chocolate & the key to my heart. Sweet, simple and to the point {and not expensive either!}
We went around the table after dinner and said 4 things that we love. Some of the things our boys said were so typically "boy" --- for example; trains, chocolate, cars, rocket ships...you know, VERY deep things ;) but it was cute and made them reflect on all we have and what we're so thankful for!
I've just returned from my normal bi-weekly run to the states and so now I've got to unpack the car load of goodies I picked up! Have a great rest of your Tuesday Lovelies! Tomorrow I'll be back for my "What I LOVE Wednesday"

PS. the toe is feeling SO much better today, I'm sure I'll pay for the busy day I had today but all in all I think I'm well on my way to running again! Thanks for your caring comments and emails!



: Monday Monday Monday :

What a great weekend -- sorry I haven't been around these parts explanation is I had a surprise visit from my SIL from the Island on Thursday night. She was here to stay until Saturday so we squeezed everything we could out of the time we had together.My girlfriend had planned a night out at the movies to watch "The Vow" so I went to zumba on Thursday for 5.30pm so I could make it to the movie by 7.20pm -- when I walked into the theater to meet my friend who had printed my ticket off for me {thanks to C for the free ticket!} she was her normal self and said come this way, I've been waiting..so we walk towards the entrance to the theater and out from the arcade walks Christy. I stop, pause and think "no, it's not my birthday" and then I cried. I miss having Christy here in the lower mainland to visit with and do everyday with so seeing her just reminded me that if she were here {or I were there} we would be able to do things like girls movie night as a normal event...not just surprise visits or special occasions!

It couldn't have been more perfect, the boys had a pro-D day on Friday and I didn't have any plans except to do laundry and get a few invites out...so I postponed doing the laundry and fit in writing out the invites over tea with my SIL. Sounds like a fair trade to me!

We had a few birthday parties for Jacob to attend so his social calendar was full&fun, plus an all day play date with cousins Denay & Paisley that ended in tears cause they didn't want them to go - so sweet!

Friday night the Mr. was out with friends celebrating an upcoming wedding so I was at home watching girlie shows while he partied it up ;)

Saturday was more of the same, another birthday party working on projects around the house etc. Twas a great day. That was until I broke my toe getting out of the hot tub. We have a rod iron umbrella stand beside our hot tub and upon getting out of the hot tub I jammed my middle toe {next to my big toe} into the thing that holds the pole...didn't think I had done much damage until I got into the house and noticed the nail was completely pushed back and the knuckle was bent in the wrong direction. To say the least I was kinda out of commission for the remainder of the weekend!

At least I got to catch up on one of the most amazing funerals I've ever whitnessed - get it "Whit"nessed! Bottom line people, we are mortal - God is eternal. Make it right with Him; you'll be glad you did! On Sunday afternoon I took a break from my position on the couch to go to the insurance agents office with Mr.L so we could sell our beloved van. We were totally shocked to have sold it yesterday...we hadn't had any response from our Craigslist ad except one lady and boom, I guess that's all it takes, so they showed up with cash in hand ready to take it away. We have been so blessed by that van and pray that it's a super great vehicle for their family too.

After being delayed from selling the van my Mom came to pick up the boys for a sleep over and Mr. L & I headed out to Supper Club. It's a great night of fellowship and food...seriously can't get any better except it's all adult conversation - hello, what a treat! Thanks C&T for hosting this month!

Last week I missed doing my installment of "52 weeks of Blessing" -- and I don't have any photos to show of the "gift" but we did do it. We gave a blessing of money to someone who could use it more than us. We don't have excess cash just lying around, so this of course is going to cause some discomfort for us financially until next pay day, but really it's all about blessing someone and knowing that He will continue to provide for us.
Oh, and in my last post I told you about our breakfast muffins, they are easy-peasy to make. You take one box of Oat Bran muffins, cut up one peeled apple, 1 cup raisins or nuts {or both} and add it to the original directions to make the muffins {add one cup water..they are stupid easy!}, add a sprinkling of brown sugar on top and that's it!

I buy these muffin mixes on sale for aprox $1.50 and keep them on hand just to switch up the breakfast routine. Easy, healthy and cheap - my kinda breakfast!
That's it for me today, I'm going to hobble over to the kitchen pop dinner in the oven, then hobble over to the dryer and pull out a load of laundry, re-load the dryer then head to the couch --- good night all and Happy Monday!

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