: LOVE Day Feast :

On Valentines day since it was a week night and just the same 'ol normal routine the only thing I could think of doing as a special treat was making a "Love Feast of Roast Beast".

*Our menu*
Roast Beast {as our family calls it}
Fresh butter buns
Pink velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing {for the boys}
Flourless chocolate cake {for the adults}

Daddy had given the boys little Valentine chocolates in the morning and at dinner we placed chocolates on their plates as well as a card and a shared gift of a movie.

Mr. L had gifted himself some new ski's 2 days prior to Vday -- bad timing Mr. L --- but they were a deal he couldn't pass up! So I gifted him a little card, 1 pound of French hazelnut chocolate & the key to my heart. Sweet, simple and to the point {and not expensive either!}
We went around the table after dinner and said 4 things that we love. Some of the things our boys said were so typically "boy" --- for example; trains, chocolate, cars, rocket ships...you know, VERY deep things ;) but it was cute and made them reflect on all we have and what we're so thankful for!
I've just returned from my normal bi-weekly run to the states and so now I've got to unpack the car load of goodies I picked up! Have a great rest of your Tuesday Lovelies! Tomorrow I'll be back for my "What I LOVE Wednesday"

PS. the toe is feeling SO much better today, I'm sure I'll pay for the busy day I had today but all in all I think I'm well on my way to running again! Thanks for your caring comments and emails!


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