:: Wish List + Invitation ::

:: I've started a wish list for a home party that my girlfriend and I are hosting on Monday September 14th at my girlfriend Trista's house ::

:: I will be having all of my SPA items there and she'll have all of her Lavish items there - it will be a great night of shopping a relaxation for us girls. If you want more info or to come to the event you can see the invite here ::

:: Just look at these babies for Fall and Winter, oh, I'm in love! ::
:: And I believe they are on sale! I'm excited! ::


:: What's Happening ::

:: I meant to have this post up yesterday, but the day did not allow. I was at Superstore three times yesterday, so that kinda explains the kind of day I had! ::

:: I'm currently in the midst of reading the first in a fabulous series called: The Courtship of Nellie Fisher by Beverly Lewis. I love her writing {as I'm sure I've stated before} --- This book as it's the start of a series has a lot of explaining and character placing but I love it, and it sucks that I haven't had time to sit down and read it in the last couple days! ::

:: I love the simple life that they lead, I seriously think I was born into the wrong period. I would have loved to be living on a farm, harvesting the fields, canning, going to quilting bees -- that's my kind of life! That's what I would love to live like...well with a bit of technology! I just love the look of a hand written envelope coming in the mail, there is something so tangible about real penmanship and the thought that goes into a letter or note ::

{"Magnolia Mounds" - Picture Credit}

:: There is a little white plantation house with a little red barn on a little plot of land in the city next to ours...I dream of one day owning it or something just like it! ::

:: In other news while I was at Superstore, I decided to smell some of their fragrances {specifically Burberry
fragrances} and I fell fell fell in love with Burberry "Brit" -- I love it, it's a beautifully well designed fragrance. Maybe Paul will get the hint and pick me up a bottle of it for our Anniversary!?!? Wouldn't that be nice, it's the perfect casual warm fragrance! ::

:: Today I'm finishing up a special order wedding cake for my cousin Rheanne, she's getting married tomorrow to her high school sweetheart ::

:: Hope y'all have a great Friday and an awesome long weekend, the last of the Summer. I'm sad to see it go but I'm also of course looking forward to my favorite time of year; Fall! ::

:: We'll be around here this weekend as we have the wedding, so I'm sure I'll be on here updating what we have been up to over the Summer ::

:: Happy Friday Y'all! ::


:: Chat: Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Rachel Ray ::

:: You know who I'm talking about right? The very cute and very Christian Blondie on "The View". Now let me clarify what I mean about my wording "very Christian", this isn't a bad thing or in poor taste, but she has been one of the only Christians in the public eye that has not wavered on views like gay marriage and abortion. She has held strong to her guns and that has obviously gotten her in trouble over the years as she's not very PC! ::

:: Well, she's preggers with Baby No. 3 and is going to be on Rachael Ray on Thursday (tomorrow) talking about a whole smack of things, so if you don't have anything better to do at 3:00 in the afternoon on Thursday tune into Rachael Ray! ::

:: If not for anything than to see what cute outfit she is wearing, I just can't get over how stinkin' cute she is, pregnant or not, I wish I was her size! ::

:: You can find the article that I pulled these pictures from here ::

:: Happy Wednesday Everyone! ::


:: The Clova - Our School Year Tradition ::

:: Well, as I said before -- we have started this new tradition with the school year coming up. That we'll take the boys to a movie one week before the new school year starts ::

:: This particular theatre is the original theatre in our little sleepy town -- it no longer has "shows" for $0.56, but comparing it to the bigger well known fancy schmancy theatre on the other side of town...they keep it cheap ::

:: The cost for the matinee is $4 for the adults and $2 for the kids over 2, plus if you bring your own bucket they will fill it up for just $2 and they have all the tasty seasonings for free! It's quaint and sweet..and really quite cheap! ::

:: We arrived before the Baker girls so we hung out in the courtyard across the street from the theatre, the thought passed through my mind about what it'll be like in just a few short years when my boys are 10 & 11 and they are waiting in the same spot at the same time of year for their movie to start? What fun it is to bring traditions into existence ::
:: My precious Cole, being preciously still....it never lasts for long! ::
:: The girls arrived, popcorn buckets in tow - they were so excited to get the show on the road! ::
:: Here are the kids heading into the theatre ::

:: We enjoyed watching "Up" by Disney pixar - such a cute show, with lots of heart. This was the second time that the boys saw it in the theatre, and they loved it...however it was a little long and by the end they were asking if it was "all done?" ::
:: Here are the Baker girls - nice cheesy smile Emma-Bemma! ::
:: Here I am with my boys, oh my boys - I love them so! Nice cheesy smile from Jacob too, he took tips from Emma, hey at least he's smiling, that's a step in the right direction! ::
:: Coley-Oley-O ::
:: On the way out of the theatre the owner had a lolli for each of the kids, they were SO excited and I thought it was SO sweet {get it, ha, sweet} of them to do that ::
:: What a great tradition and what fun we had, next year when we go Lisa will have a 6 month old baby, so maybe I'll just take all the kids and she can have a quiet house for 3 hours! It was a great memory and a super fun tradition to start! Thanks for joining us, Baker girls! ::

:: Focus on the Family ::

:: As I've become more aware that my word I chose to be my mantra for this year was "CREATE" and I have yet to feel like I have completed my quest to create what I want my life to look like {and it's been almost nine months - that's almost the gestation of a new baby for crying out loud!}. I have tuned into Focus on the Family as a resource for me ::

:: For crying out loud I was raised listening to Focus on the Family! ::

:: As I was going through my emails this morning I came across an announcement from FonthF that there is a special broadcast for Canadian listeners on September 10th ::

:: I don't know if I will tune in on the actual night of the broadcast, but I do know that I'll go here and listen to it on a later date. As I know in my heart and my home, I want to create something different, I don't know what that looks like right now and I'm sure it won't be easy, but I'm willing to try! ::

:: We're off for the first matinee @ the Clova Theatre today, what fun it is to start our own family traditions! ::


:: T H A N K Y O U ::

:: From my heart to yours. Over the past month I have kept all of your emails, hoping to respond to them personally and I'm sure I will. But in the meantime I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your notes of encouragement, your thoughts and prayers. I have been overwhelmed and blessed by each of you {you know who you are}! ::

:: Firsts for Jacob ::

:: We have had a lot of "firsts" around here for Jacob over the Summer. Back in April when I spoke of Jacob not yet speaking a few words or even being close to where he should be verbally, well, we started taking a free therapy class {for us parents} and then at the end of May we took Jacob in to see a developmental doctor, and voila, he speaks. He speaks. All the time. Copying us. every. word. repeated. We're delighted but at the same time wondered why we wanted him to speak so badly {kidding!}! And as far as little brother goes, well let's just say he's more like Mama - he's got plenty to say! ::

:: Okay, so back to the "firsts" for Jacob; one of them this Summer {other than being fully potty trained PTL & speaking like a motivational speaker - okay well maybe not that good!} he had his first trip to the dentist ::

:: Not only was this his first trip to the dentist, but he went to the same dentist I have been going to for the past 26 years of my life {so if you add that up, I have been going to my dentist since I was 3}. It was crazy for both Dr. A and I to see my son in the chair, it was also crazy to have Mr.L experience the whole event {aka: Child calmer-downer and photographer}. The office got to not only meet my son but my husband too! ::

:: Jacob did good, he wasn't too impressed with having his teeth checked, but he did well and we're on our way to oral health {as long as he takes after Mr. L and not me, I was off the cavity free wall when I hit age 4! Mr. L would have been on the cavity free wall until he was 26, that was when he had his first cavity, sick isn't it?!?!} ::

:: The most exciting part was being able to pick out a toy out of the toy drawer, the same toy drawer that I got to pick out of when I was little ::

:: Then finding Mama getting tortured {no, seriously tortured!} to show the fabulous prize - a foam airplane....oh what fun the dentist is! ::

:: Next week we start the first initial round of preschool for our family, I can't believe it's already here, seriously time goes by in a flash! And just to think that next year I'll be sending two little boys off to preschool! ::

:: Jacob, you make us proud with every step you take forward - you are delightful! ::

:: We're looking forward to starting a new tradition for the school year, me and my girlfriend are taking the kids to a matinee movie a week prior to school starting, hopefully this will be a tradition we can keep up with throughout the years! What traditions do you do or did your Mom do for you before you started a new school year? ::

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