:: Firsts for Jacob ::

:: We have had a lot of "firsts" around here for Jacob over the Summer. Back in April when I spoke of Jacob not yet speaking a few words or even being close to where he should be verbally, well, we started taking a free therapy class {for us parents} and then at the end of May we took Jacob in to see a developmental doctor, and voila, he speaks. He speaks. All the time. Copying us. every. word. repeated. We're delighted but at the same time wondered why we wanted him to speak so badly {kidding!}! And as far as little brother goes, well let's just say he's more like Mama - he's got plenty to say! ::

:: Okay, so back to the "firsts" for Jacob; one of them this Summer {other than being fully potty trained PTL & speaking like a motivational speaker - okay well maybe not that good!} he had his first trip to the dentist ::

:: Not only was this his first trip to the dentist, but he went to the same dentist I have been going to for the past 26 years of my life {so if you add that up, I have been going to my dentist since I was 3}. It was crazy for both Dr. A and I to see my son in the chair, it was also crazy to have Mr.L experience the whole event {aka: Child calmer-downer and photographer}. The office got to not only meet my son but my husband too! ::

:: Jacob did good, he wasn't too impressed with having his teeth checked, but he did well and we're on our way to oral health {as long as he takes after Mr. L and not me, I was off the cavity free wall when I hit age 4! Mr. L would have been on the cavity free wall until he was 26, that was when he had his first cavity, sick isn't it?!?!} ::

:: The most exciting part was being able to pick out a toy out of the toy drawer, the same toy drawer that I got to pick out of when I was little ::

:: Then finding Mama getting tortured {no, seriously tortured!} to show the fabulous prize - a foam airplane....oh what fun the dentist is! ::

:: Next week we start the first initial round of preschool for our family, I can't believe it's already here, seriously time goes by in a flash! And just to think that next year I'll be sending two little boys off to preschool! ::

:: Jacob, you make us proud with every step you take forward - you are delightful! ::

:: We're looking forward to starting a new tradition for the school year, me and my girlfriend are taking the kids to a matinee movie a week prior to school starting, hopefully this will be a tradition we can keep up with throughout the years! What traditions do you do or did your Mom do for you before you started a new school year? ::


Laura said...

yay Jacob!! Way to go :) That's awesome to hear that he's talking lots - all ready for preschool!

And Shawna... you look just beautiful in that pic of you and Jacob!! Stunner.

Kristin said...

HOORAY for the little motivational speaker! I knew you could do it, Shawna and Paul and Jacob! Great teamwork, guys!!!!

Shawna... um... gorgeous pics of you!!!

School traditions: Back to school shopping, buying the packs of lined paper and cutting the 25 cents Coke coupon off it for a treat at Kmart!!! With my own kids, the tradition is finding backpacks and lunchboxes the night before school starts, but I like your "go to the matinee" celebration a lot!!!

Rachel said...

Our Chad didn't speak until well past three years old. He is now our most talkative child!
We did the whole speech therapy route too. I can very much relate!

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