:: Chat: Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Rachel Ray ::

:: You know who I'm talking about right? The very cute and very Christian Blondie on "The View". Now let me clarify what I mean about my wording "very Christian", this isn't a bad thing or in poor taste, but she has been one of the only Christians in the public eye that has not wavered on views like gay marriage and abortion. She has held strong to her guns and that has obviously gotten her in trouble over the years as she's not very PC! ::

:: Well, she's preggers with Baby No. 3 and is going to be on Rachael Ray on Thursday (tomorrow) talking about a whole smack of things, so if you don't have anything better to do at 3:00 in the afternoon on Thursday tune into Rachael Ray! ::

:: If not for anything than to see what cute outfit she is wearing, I just can't get over how stinkin' cute she is, pregnant or not, I wish I was her size! ::

:: You can find the article that I pulled these pictures from here ::

:: Happy Wednesday Everyone! ::


jamiedelaine said...

I love the debates that come from Elizabeth being on the view! So good.

Nadine said...

I'm setting my PVR when I get home from work! I love her! Her book about G-Free is great too. Thanks for letting us know.

Lisa B. said...

Elizabeth had her baby on August 9th - a great day to have a birthday! She welcomed second son Isaiah Thomas to the family.

I love Elizabeth and RR so I will be watching for sure - thanks for the heads up!

Laura said...

I hadn't heard of this girl since the Australian Survivor! I loved her then.
No kidding, she is ridiculously cute! I'm having clothing envy of her cute maternity stuff!
Thanks for sharing, I will set my PVR tonight! Will be my first Rachel Ray show I've ever watched :)

susan said...

I love Elisabeth!! There have been times when I found her a bit annoying on tThe View but I think that was because I found them ALL annoying. (those women can bicker! Wowee!) She can hold her own though & she's ganged up on a lot on that show.

I also loved her on "Survivor" do you remember skinny young Elisabeth & the "father figure guy" (on the show) Rodger? they were so sweet!!

Anyways...she is adorable & I know if we ever met we'd instantly be best friend!! Duh, of course!!

I will be watching tomorrow, thanks for the heads up Shawna.

Oh, one more thing (because my comment isn't long enough yet!) Her book "The G-Free Survival Guide" is really good - I'm not sure if being G-free is for me but I still have enjoyed it.

Okay, now I'm done.


Tawn said...

she is too stinkin' cute ... i never looked like that - even PRIOR to getting preggo :-). Some girls have all the luck ...

Shawna said...

Wow -- thanks for all the comments ladies!

And thanks for the update Lise, I agree August 9 is a darn good day to have a baby!

I'll update this post if I find anything on the new little Isaiah (I believe this is the first boy for her, what fun after two girls!)

Shawna said...

No I was wrong, she has a girl & a boy, so now she has two boys! Such fun anyway!

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