: For Japan :

Today there is a "Silence for Japan" day going on many of my blog friends sites. I totally agree with this and know that primarily it is to bring attention and re-focus on the tragedy that happened to Japan.

However since I have already posted today I kinda botched up participating in the "Silence for Japan" post...but fear not lovelies! I have something that you can do, that will also help Japan!

For today only Forever 21 is having a fund raiser for Japan -- Not only do you get to give to a VERY worthy cause, but you also get to fast forward your Spring/Summer wardrobe! 100% of the proceeds of your purchase goes to Japan - How awesome is that!?!

So go now, buy yourself a little something and help in a B I G way!

Here are the sites for Canada and the USA

Now go, find something cute, even if it's just a purse, scarf, sunglasses...shoes, oh must I say more!?!!?

On a totally serious note, there is SO much tragedy and heartbreak all over our world and even in our individual lives, please do not stop praying for God to reign in all of these situations!

Have a great weekend lovelies!


: Paisley's Dedication :

We had the pleasure of attending our nieces dedication at the end of February. My brother and sister & the girls Denay & Paisley live on the Island so to go over and visit, it's quite the trek - but we love them so we do it in a heartbeat!

Christy put on an amazing brunch the morning before church - yeah, that's our delightful host ;)
The family hanging out before heading out to church
T&C with Denay & Paisley
Everyone gathered around looking at the gifts we bought for Paisley's dedication
While over there we also celebrated Jordan {my older brothers} birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORD!!!
The boys find such delight in their cousins, and it makes us so sad that we can't be closer. Denay and Paisley are spoken of daily and with such sweet love in our home. We miss you all and can't wait to see you soon!

Thanks for a great weekend and super memories!

{Christy has posted more photos from our weekend here & here}


: WILW :: Mouth Guard, What? :

So, I'm thrifty - that's nothing new. And when it comes to personal care {for myself, not for my boys or Mr. L} I'm even thriftier {is that even a word!?!} -- Anyway, in a quest to get cheap white lovely teeth --- I am a strict typically black coffee drinker, so I need all the help I can get! I was on the search for a cheap way to get my teeth sparkling and white and I came across KandeeJ's website {this was her idea} and I was sold!

So off I went to Wal-Mart to get my official $0.96 NFL mouth guards - one for the top and one for the bottom

Following the instructions to form them precisely to my teeth/mouth

Such a not-so-pretty process ;)

Then I had perfectly molded trays for bleaching my teeth...and not just the first 4 teeth like the tray you get from the bleach kit, but my actual full smile! And let me tell you, I've got a big mouth so I end up showing all my teeth often!
I use a bleach kit that I get from the Dollar Tree {love that store!} - it's not very strong bleach, but since I have sensitive teeth it is the perfect amount! So all together my personal trays with bleach cost me $3.00 - not bad I think!!! Go and do it, you'll be glad you did!

{ XoXo }


: Authentic Self Continued... :

In a continuation to my earlier post on being your "Authentic Self" - Emily Freeman the author of Chatting at the Sky has just released her book {yet to hit the shelves, coming in Septmeber 2011} called grace for the good girl .

Watch the video, she explains it better than I can:

You can pre-order her book here, it's really reasonably priced...and just maybe when I get my own copy I might just have a give-away here ;)

We all need grace for the good girl, don't we?


: Dad's Birthday :

This weekend we celebrated my Daddy's birthday - we had a great time hanging out over a roast beef lunch that Mr. L & I prepared.

The boys are so sweet, they get every aspect that goes into birthday parties; the cakes, gift opening...and they don't miss a beat!

The parental unit ~ they are off to Hawaii today...miss them already!

My sister {by love} and Marm serving up the dessert

Dessert table ~ yummers!

Uncle & Auntie goofing around with Jacob

Once we were ready to sing happy birthday the boys needed to whip out the party hats, everyone including Tucker-the-dog was a good sport!

Happy Birthday Daddy Boy! Hope you have a great birthday vacation in Hawaii - We love you!

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