: Dad's Birthday :

This weekend we celebrated my Daddy's birthday - we had a great time hanging out over a roast beef lunch that Mr. L & I prepared.

The boys are so sweet, they get every aspect that goes into birthday parties; the cakes, gift opening...and they don't miss a beat!

The parental unit ~ they are off to Hawaii today...miss them already!

My sister {by love} and Marm serving up the dessert

Dessert table ~ yummers!

Uncle & Auntie goofing around with Jacob

Once we were ready to sing happy birthday the boys needed to whip out the party hats, everyone including Tucker-the-dog was a good sport!

Happy Birthday Daddy Boy! Hope you have a great birthday vacation in Hawaii - We love you!


Lisa B. said...

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays "Big Bob!!!!" You are an awesome man of God, wonderful husband, father and grampy...praying this year is full of even greater things.

Load of love,
Matt & Lisa

Joanne said...

Thanks for the great lunch....loved the party hats!

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