: A day with Sister :

I was able to get out {sans babies} to Vancouver to visit my Sister {I have three, all of them by love not by blood} - I don't get out to Vancouver to visit Jenn as much as I would like to. We both have husbands and two little kids, that in itself demands a lot of time - let alone driving for 45 minutes {without traffic} to get together. But since it's Jenn's birthday in a week or so, I messaged her and asked if she could make it out for lunch & some girl time to celebrate. She adjusted her schedule and I made sure I had care for my boys and Sister Day was set!

We headed out to West Vancouver to Old Navy to get some St. Patty day shirts for a party her & her hubby were going to later this week, we did some window shopping, talked about babies, our family, vacations, finances, moving, re-decorating...you know all those good things ;)

We ate a yummy lunch at Cactus Club @ Park Royal that was almost 2 hours long! Can you tell we haven't had a chance to catch up sans babies in a L O N G time !?!?

After we shopped some more, we picked up some treats for her kids V&J from cupcakes and enjoyed a coffee @ Delany's ~ It was a fabulous way to finish off our time in West Vancouver.

We then headed home enjoying our drinks from Delany's and browsing her neighbourhood and all the beautiful homes...It's kinda like a little {full size} doll house neighbourhood. Just lovely.

Jenn, so glad that we are sisters {even if just by love} --- We really need to do this more often! I had a blast with you and haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Duh, WINNER!

{ XoXo }

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Lisa B. said...

Sounds like a super, wonderful, lovely and delightful day! Sisters {by love} are a treasure for sure.

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