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: warning : If you don't want to hear about parenting, skip to tomorrow's post...it's much more fun ;)

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Tonight, I am done, exasperated, frustrated, and exhausted! Parenting is not easy -- the past few days has been a testament to that!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my boys with all my heart but there are times that my children's disobedience and lack of listening skills just fries my brain!
For instance Cole and I walked into a local super-mart this morning and we proceeded to the veggie isle and he took a huge bite out of a stalk of celery, I mean really a huge bite!!! Who does that!??! Apparently my child.
I say to them go to bed, I tell them the consequences of them not obeying me...they disobey, I HAVE to follow through on the consequence. Why can't they understand I don't want to discipline them and obeying makes things easier on both of us!?!

Obviously I have to follow through, cause Lord have MERCY if I need to do this type of discipline for much longer I might check myself into the looney bin!


Oh well, I'm sure this will pass and life will continue on and things will be great...tonight is just not that night!

* * *

Thanks for listening {or ahem, reading} -- I hope your day had more sunshine than mine and that if it didn't, that we all remember tomorrow is a NEW day {thank the LORD!}



: Cole's 1st Day :

Cole's first day of preschool {4 year old preschool} was on Friday. He was SO excited but it had been a long week of no school for this little guy and patience isn't exactly my little 3.5 year olds forte!

Here he is with his "vinder" -- and his photo on the front...this was a HUGE deal as big brother had a vinder last year and he was mortified that he'd have to wait a whole year to get a vinder!
I gave him a sign to hold, this is how it went:
All ready to go, snack in tow, water bottle in holster and vinder in hand, can you tell what his favorite colour is?

Here is big brother with little brother both holding their appropriate signs {thanks to pinterest for the idea!}
Here he is all ready to go, into class -- he knew the drill from last year, just this year he's at school for an extra morning!
Finally one shot of them both getting their signs right ;)
Cole has had a fairly rough Summer adjusting to not being at our old house, he cries often about it and doesn't quite get that we're going to make the new house our home just like our last house was...it's sweet that he loved our old house so much but this momma is ready for him to adjust to the new house and get used to his school schedule!

It's cooler today so I'm going to make up some healthy cookie bars, yogurt scones and pizza buns so we can have some easy go to lunch bag snacks!

For those who asked in my Friday post, we'll be moving on the 23 of this month. Exactly a month from the date of our offer being accepted! It's been a crazy few weeks since all that, but it feels good to look forward to moving ahead and getting settled into our new little home!

Have a great Monday lovelies! Hope it's a great one!

Ps. I edited this to add all the recipes I'm using today...maybe you'll make some too!



: Black|White :

Today is Sunday
Today is 10 years ago that the fateful day in NYC happened
I received this in my inbox today
It simply states the way I feel

I shed many tears today, from being elated that a little boy was returned to his family, to having a great time of worship and celebration at church, to being moved by all the memorial shows for 9.11.

Not sure why 9.11 moves me so, but I had to step out of the room today while we were watching the memorials, it makes me shake all over. Mr. L says he must be desensitized because it moves me so much more than him. Maybe I'm just super sensitive; either way, where I was and what I lived that day was real and I will never forget.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to love on the ones you touch daily. I know I did and it proved to be therapy for my soul.


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