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Today is Sunday
Today is 10 years ago that the fateful day in NYC happened
I received this in my inbox today
It simply states the way I feel

I shed many tears today, from being elated that a little boy was returned to his family, to having a great time of worship and celebration at church, to being moved by all the memorial shows for 9.11.

Not sure why 9.11 moves me so, but I had to step out of the room today while we were watching the memorials, it makes me shake all over. Mr. L says he must be desensitized because it moves me so much more than him. Maybe I'm just super sensitive; either way, where I was and what I lived that day was real and I will never forget.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and were able to love on the ones you touch daily. I know I did and it proved to be therapy for my soul.



Carolee said...

As soon as I saw what was happening that day I started trying to reach Matthew. I called every number I could think of, over and over for a couple of hours but, no answer. I finally reached him on his cell. They had been on the subway (which would have passed right under the towers) but had been stopped well back and were in no danger - praise God!

Nickie said...

I'm the same way as well. 9/11 really gets to me. Last year I was in NYC for 9/11 and went to the site that day - I cried so much.

Shawna said...

@Carolee: I couldn't imagine the fear that you would have felt searching for your children on that day. Thank God for their protection!

@Nickie: I told Mr. L I want to go to NYC in the Fall one year, and I too will probably ball my eyes out!

Laura said...

9/11 really gets to me too. I watched one show on Sunday, but could barely make it through! Josh and I watched one that was on last week as well. Just so much loss :(

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