: In the news today...randomness coming through :

Jacob lost his 2nd tooth!I didn't blog about the first one he lost on the bottom of his mouth because {we're degenerate parents and didn't notice it was loose} he lost it at night and we couldn't find it so assumed he swallowed it during his sleep.

So I was saving up all the fun photos of the next {first} lost tooth when we actually had a tooth in hand. I went to pick him up today from school and his tooth is gone, he looks at me and I say "You lost your tooth!" he says stunned "I did!?!?" yup, gone, just like the first one.

He must have swallowed it when he was chewing at lunch, geepers...he's not very observant. You have a hole the size of my thumb in your mouth and you never noticed it!?!?
HA! So here's to loosing teeth and having nothing to show for it. We'll be sure to put a note in the little jar marked with a "T" so the Tooth Fairy knows that he truly did loose a tooth!

Oh and in other news, I was on the search for some nice boat shoes or loafers for the boys Easter outfits when I stumbled across these today. I had looked at them a month or so ago and liked them but since they were not leather I knew my boys would just trash them in three wears..but for $6+tax {instead of $17/pair} for both pairs how could I resist! That's almost as much as I spent on my coffee this morning! Yay for God watching out for me and my pocket book!

Today is Paul's Mums birthday -- *HAPPY BIRTHDAY!* Hope you enjoyed your pedicure this afternoon! Have a great day - we're off on a little walk and a play date while the sun keeps the rain away!



: I'm 31 years old & don't know a darn thing :

Ok, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration , but that's how I'm feeling.

With all this soul searching and spiritual Spring cleaning, it's unveiling to me that what I thought I knew is actually just a shadow of what I truly know.

Or what my head knows and what my heart knows don't jive and one of the two need to be re-worked. It's a work in progress, I'm a work in progress. But non the less I hope that this time of inner work, reflection and refinement makes my daily living un-chained and a fuller life of freedom -- more then I ever imagined.

Thank you for all the sweet bloglove, texts and emails -- I've never thought I would be judged by exposing more of my 'inside self' I just never want to appear weak. Humph. Stupid pride.

Anyway, I digress. Life still goes on in the midst of the rain. Life still goes on and a joy filled one at that.

Here are a few snapshots {all from my BB} of the last week of life...

: fishy kisses :
: Spring buds :
: First beach visit :
: Spring fling ~ 10 years young :
: cookie making time :
: Beach bum :
: Birthday time :
: Silly faces :
: Fresh homemade pizza :
: Spring light :
: Spring flowers :
: New drapes for brighter days aka: better sleeps :
: Fresh new palm plant {to kill, pray this one lives} :
: Train ride :
: Daily encouragement :
: Tuna filet on cast iron :
That's it, that's all..signing off for the evening. Hoping to get some sort of organization going around this house today, there has been FAR too much play and not enough work ;)

Much Love!

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