:: December 22nd ~ First Annual Friends Christmas Bash ::

:: December 22nd ::
We attended the "Annual Friends Christmas Bash" hosted by C & T at their new place and we had a great time. There have been many new additions to our little group of friends this year.
All of which are under the age of 7 months; From left to right on the couch: Jaelyn @ 4 months, Benjamin @ 4 months, Jacob @ almost 7 months and Kate @ 3 months (thanks Lisa for the correction)It was super fun to see the great group of friends that God has brought together and to see that we are being obedient and "being fruitful and multiplying" :)
:: Can't wait till next year ::

:: Jacobs Dedication ::

We had a fabulous time with Friends on December 17th to celebrate
Jacobs dedication to the Lord.
He was dedicated in the first service at CLA by Pastor Brent (the same pastor that maried us) and then we hosted a brunch afterwards for 40 people at my parents place.
It was a busy day - but a wonderful one to remember when we look back on it now!
Jacob received some really nice gifts of remembrance from the day, but I think my most favorite gift was my Grandpa's harmonica from my Grandma Rosie (My Dad's Mom). I was holding it together really well until I opened her gift. Now you have to know that my Grandpa used to always get us little kids up onto his knee and play the harmonica for us...we all loved it and it is definitely one of my fondest memories of my Grandpa.
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