:: Jacobs Dedication ::

We had a fabulous time with Friends on December 17th to celebrate
Jacobs dedication to the Lord.
He was dedicated in the first service at CLA by Pastor Brent (the same pastor that maried us) and then we hosted a brunch afterwards for 40 people at my parents place.
It was a busy day - but a wonderful one to remember when we look back on it now!
Jacob received some really nice gifts of remembrance from the day, but I think my most favorite gift was my Grandpa's harmonica from my Grandma Rosie (My Dad's Mom). I was holding it together really well until I opened her gift. Now you have to know that my Grandpa used to always get us little kids up onto his knee and play the harmonica for us...we all loved it and it is definitely one of my fondest memories of my Grandpa.


Amanda said...

What a special day! That is an amazing picture of the 3 of you with Pastor Brent. I wish I could have seen Jacob get dedicated! It is such a special moment to watch as proud parents dedicate their children to God and we all get to pray into their little lives! I am glad you had a great day too.
You are so blessed Shawna with an amazing family. Your grandfather's harmonica holds so many great memories and that was amazing of her to give it to you. How special! (I have to say I teared up when you tlaked about it.) I reminisced about my 2 grandfathers who are with the Lord and pictured their faces as I sat on their knees and they told me stories, usually about them growing up. I often look at my dad and thank God for the man he has become because my future children are going to have such amazing memories from our Godly heritage! Praise Him!
Phewf! i could have written my own post! Ha ha!
I love you girl, Merry Christmas and I will see you tomorrow for our Boxing Day Celebration!

Canadian Kristin said...

What a very precious gift for Jacob, parents who love God and want to show God to Jacob, an extended family who loves this little boy, and a very special heirloom harmonica! So many blessings!!!

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