:: December 22nd ~ First Annual Friends Christmas Bash ::

:: December 22nd ::
We attended the "Annual Friends Christmas Bash" hosted by C & T at their new place and we had a great time. There have been many new additions to our little group of friends this year.
All of which are under the age of 7 months; From left to right on the couch: Jaelyn @ 4 months, Benjamin @ 4 months, Jacob @ almost 7 months and Kate @ 3 months (thanks Lisa for the correction)It was super fun to see the great group of friends that God has brought together and to see that we are being obedient and "being fruitful and multiplying" :)
:: Can't wait till next year ::

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Canadian Kristin said...

Wow Shawna, not only do you have such a great family who loves you and Paul and Jacob...but look at that amazing group of friends God has brought you. You are truly blessed. I am jealous!

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