:: December 24th ~ Christmas Eve ::

:: December 24th ::
We spent all day on Christmas Eve with Paul's family and we had a great time. We went over to his parents place for brunch (around 10:30 am) we brought "Christmas Wife-Saver" and "Baked French Toast" and his Dad added his famous ham to complete the brunch.
We then exchanged gifts with the family & Michael (Paul's sister's Beau) and enjoyed a lazy afternoon of napping and munching on spinach and artichoke dip prior to heading off to the Christmas eve service at Victory Christian Center where Paul's parents attend.
We then headed over to Paul's Nanny & Papa's where we presented the gift I had been working on for months...I didn't mention it on here just in case someone read about it and let the cat out of the bag. What we did is call our local MP office and get the email address' of all of the significant people in parliament and the government and ask them to send an official congratulations to Nanny & Papa on their 60th Wedding Anniversary. The gift was a success! I mounted most of the certificates in a leather 12x12 scrapbook except for one that we framed from Stephen Harper ~ They loved the gift and called us just the other day to say that it was the best gift that they have ever received! And today when I was going through a pile'o junk in the office I came across a certificate that was in a folder that I missed putting in the book...so we will have to pop over tnd present them with yet another certificate :)
Once we finished up at Nanny & Papa's we headed to my parents place to pick up our PJ's that we get every year on Christmas Eve - And that was about it...we headed home around midnight and we were grateful that we didn't have to go anywhere in the morning!


Amanda said...

You and Paul are the greatest! That is a REALLY cool gift that you gave Nanny & Papa!! Where did you come up with it? So creative!
I am glad you enjoyed Christmas Eve! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your holidays!

Canadian Kristin said...

What a wonderful gift! That was so very thoughtful and then to follow through......WOW!!! You obviously care greatly for your grandparents. What a gift...for you and them!!!

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