:: Now that I am updated ::

I have some exciting news but my novel and husband are calling my name so you will have to wait till tomorrow to get a full report.
Please pray for Jacob as he is suffering with a terrible cold - heck pray for me while you're at it as I am the one who suffers with him!
Good night all - Sleep tight!
Ps. If you stop by and read my blog, please let me know you were here by leaving a comment in the comments area located at the bottom of every post :) thanks!


Rachel said...

Hey...I will confess I read your blog from time to time! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog yesterday!

Jessi said...

Hiya, glad to hear that you had a great Chrismas and New Year's. wow, you three are busy! Anxious to hear your news, it's already tomorrow! Hope you and Mr.Jacob have a great day!
Love, Jessi and Halle

Candice said...


Is this the NEWS that we discussed on Boxing Day??? Can't wait for the update :)

Phil & Nickie said...

Is Jacob getting a sibling???? I'm not trying to start rumors or anything, I'm just making a guess. don't keep us in suspense!!!

Thanks for all the Christmas updates too. Love all the photos!

Amanda said...

I wasn't involved in a conversation that had NEWS on Boxing Day!!! Shawna, spill the beans....what is going on?

PS: I also have a nasty cold and I think I got it from you!! Or my dad....

Shawna said...

Sorry for the cold Amanda - and no, this is not sibling news, I thought we may be in trouble in that area - but I tested yesterday and we are in the clear!

Sorry ladies, I have to run and do some errands in the house...I promise tonight I will write an update :)

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