:: Now here is the big news ::

:: We're going on VACATION! ::
:: We have actually not been on a real (as in hot place, pool, shopping & dining out) since I was 5 months pregnant with Jacob :: So this vacation in our books is long overdue! ::
:: We had found some super cheap flights from Seattle to LA but with the time it would take to get to Seattle (for a 7:00am flight) plus the gas to get down there, plus the parking charges for 2 weeks worth of parking, plus the 2 hour drive once we arrive in LA, it just made sense to fly directly from YVR right into Palm Springs and when I priced it out taking the "cheap" flight from Seattle with the extra gas, parking etc. we were only paying $30.00 extra to fly out of Vancouver ~ So we feel good with the dates, times, & flights...it seems that everything worked out perfectly :) Although it took me about three hours to get all of that figured out yesterday - who says being a stay at home Mama is easy...yesterday my title was "Travel Agent" ha ha ha ::
:: We are heading to Palm Springs on March 10th until March 23rd - My parents have rented this property there and so we are going to stay in the second master suite and Jacob will have his own bedroom as well! We are so excited about this trip as it will be time for us to unwind and enjoy some down time by the private pool & hot tub ~ Thanks Marm & Dad for this opportunity, we would not be going on this vacation if it wasn't for them renting the property. We just have to get ourselves down there and pay for our food and any entertainment while we are there ~ Such a blessing! ::

:: Paul is really looking forward to this vacation, he said about three times yesterday that he couldn't wait for Palm Springs! So I know that God's timing is truly perfect :) ::


Jessi said...

Can we join you! That's so exciting-I need a vacation too!

Darn, we all thought that maybe Jacob was going to be a big brother...isn't it so funny how when you say that you have something exciting to say, everyone always thinks that your pregnant??? Have a great night!

Love, Jessi

Candice said...

So exciting!!... We have not gone on a vacation since I was pregnant with Jonah. It was in Mexico with Mike's fam that I discovered I was in fact prego. Oh, yeah, we drove down to Disneyland in May before he was born, but that's the last vacation. I think that we are long overdue, but I would only think about going if we could bring the boys. I'm just not ready to leave them for a couple of weeks ( the time frame of a "real" holiday).

Shawna said...

Well that's what is nice about this vacation with my parents - hopefully we will be able to sneek off for an afternoon or evening and leave Jacob with them ~ Like you Candice I'm not yet ready to leave him for an extended period of time, so I think this is a happy medium :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Sounds like the perfect vacation! Vacate your everyday life routine, and take the super-cute son with you...then sneak off whilst the grandparents have their Jacob-time! Excellent!!! The condo looks amazing...you will certainly get lots of relaxing in!

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