:: What I will miss ::

:: As the twelve days of Christmas are almost done I will be sad to say good-bye to these simple pleasures in my life until next year ::
:: My pretty little tree with the white tulle through it and all the white twinkle lights throughout the dark corners of the house - it's all about "mood lighting" doncha know :) :: :: The view fo our family room from my kitchen sink...I love seeing the Gingerbread house, the wreath, the Nativity & the mini tree all within the eye-shot of my sink - simple perfection...at least to me (sorry you can't see the Nativity - it's on top of our T.V. Cabinet) ::
:: Good night Christmastime - We'll see you next year! Ps. stay tuned next year for a different tree - I change it up every year & I've already started to plan next years :) ::
*edited to fix some of my spelling errors


Candice said...


I know the feeling of warmth you get when you look around and see all the Christmas Decs around the house. It seems kinda bare around here now :(

Amanda said...

I still haven't taken my decorations or tree down. I need to this weekend. It's been busy still! I love the way that the house feels when it is all decorated! All you need on is the tree and you have enough lite to fill the room! I love it!

Lisa B. said...

If only the Christmas tree could stay up all year 'round - it makes you feel like you get a big hug when you walk into the room.

Someone was thinking because I heard a commercial on the radio today using this exact idea - "house feeling a little bare now that the tree's down?" - well come buy a new leather chair to fill up the space!

Canadian Kristin said...

That's hilarious....come buy a leather chair to put where the tree was!!! LOL!
Your house looked so beautiful, Shawna!

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