:: Gifts Gifts Gifts ::

:: Now I don't NEED anything - I am truly blessed but every year my family and friends seem to find something to bless me even further with, so here is a little summary of a few of my favorite things we received over Christmas ::
:: My parents got Jacob his coin set for the year he was born - very cool & unique! ::
:: I received two of these novels (it's actually 3 novels in one) - which I can barely put down, I am half way through the second book :: :: My parents own a Ron Popiel rotisserie that we have over the past few years stolen to do a chicken on, so my parents decided that it was time we got our own, but this one is by good 'ol George Foreman - It's called a "Baby George". It is smaller than my parents, but just perfect for one whole chicken or a smaller meal of 4 chicken breasts - we have used it twice since the new year and love it! It makes chicken just like Swiss Chalet - If you want to pick one up you can find them @ Costco for around $50 - what a deal. totally worth it in my books ::
:: Uncle Michael and Aunty Jenn bought Jacob this cool keepsake box with the alphabet sewn all around the edge and a place for a picture in the middle - very cool unique gift again - something he will treasure forever ::

:: I also received a black cake plate that I love - it's just from Superstore, but I LOVE it ::
I also received the two coats I wanted from Old Navy as well as some jeans that are not quite fitting like they did when I initially tried them on. As a couple we received some very nice gift certificates for the movie theatre, IMAX, and two restaurants - that is so thoughtful because since we don't NEED anything but more time to enjoy each other that is the perfect gift :) - thanks to Jord & Linds & Jenn & Michael :)
I don't have a picture of it, as it is in Paul's car - but he received a Starbucks thermos for his coffee/tea while he is on the road - He wanted one of these and without saying a thing to his parents he go one! What a lucky boy! Today he called me just to tell me how great it worked!
:: So there you go another year of giving and receiving come and gone - it is truly so wonderful to give not only in a gift but in your heart and your hugs ~ May the gift of our Lord continue to bless you throughout 2007 ::


Candice said...


We have also bought the coin sets as keepsakes for our boys. Both our boys have also suffered from terrible colds...hmmmm, wonder where they got it from??? Glad to hear you had a great Christmas.

Lisa B. said...

Lovin' this chicken thing - sounds awesome! When are we coming for dinner to try out your new kitchen machine :-)

Canadian Kristin said...

I always thought the guy's was Ronco Peel! That's hilarious!!! Did he throw in a can of spray-on-hair with the rotisserie?!?! We bought an as-seen-on-tv JetStream Oven when we first got married...that was the best darn cooking machine EVER! I was sad when it gave up years of use later!

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