:: December 25th ~ Christmas Day Morning::

:: Christmas Day Morning ::
This was a great time, since Jacob was up until midnight on Christmas Eve, he slept in until 8:30! So we just casually got up and started opening our stockings first and then our presents. Now Paul and I for the last 3 years have only done $100.00 stockings for eachother. We tend to buy little things here and there through the year and so we don't go crazy over eachother for Christmas. We still end up going over our limit, but usually only by $50.00 or so. We enjoyed our first Pannetone (sp?) as a family along with fresh coffee, egg nog & pineapple. We discussed Christmas traditions that we wanted to keep/use/get rid of/refine and discussed what our future Christmas' would be like with kids all gathered under the tree with us! What fun it will be to celebrate the birth of our Savior with our family!
More to come on the gifts in another separate post :)

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Canadian Kristin said...

Sounds like the perfect Christmas morning.....as family!

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