:: In the office today ::

{Picture Taken by Moi | Cherry Blossom 2009}

:: I'm trying to finish up the final details on multiple little details {that take a whole lot of time} in the office today --- We're not quite a fine oiled machine around this place, yet. It's coming though ::

:: Paul and I are working on budgeting better, paying more attention to our multiple business transactions and trying to balance the house with more awareness and thought. However, this process not only takes time but exhausts us at the same time! No wonder people get divorces over finances -- they are truly a pain in the royal tookus! ::

:: So that's where I'm at today, trying to do my part in the running this financial kingdom we own {ha ha ha} --- In between dealing with all of that, I've got this little monkey to contend with! ::

:: If you look close you can see that the first two pictures he's seeing what he looks like in the mirror on the wall...apparently getting caught playing on the dining room table isn't a big deal, but what you look like while getting caught is more of an issue! It probably doesn't help that Mama shows up with a camera in hand to catch the culprit on the table. I mean really, who disciplines their child by taking pictures of them "caught in the act" first!?!?! I guess I do! ::

:: Have a fabulous weekend Lovelies -- I'm going to try and finish this dreadful paperwork up ASAP so I can enjoy some time in the sun, getting some chores done and going out for a surprise outing tonight! ::

:: XO - Shawna ::


:: Old House New Look :: Vote = Win ::

:: Hey Lovelies -- I've just entered Benjamin Moore's contest called "Share Your Style" ::

:: The contest is to see your before and after pictures of a room in your house, I could potentially win a $2,500 room make-over - Fun Fun Fun! ::

:: So make sure you go here and vote for me - even if you like the other rooms better, vote for mine ;) -- Kidding, kinda! ::

:: One of my blogger friends entered her B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L dining room here ::

:: Here are my dreadful before pictures ::

:: If you have a fabulous room and you would like to enter the contest yourself, go for it - you can enter here ::

:: Happy Voting! ::

XO :: Shawna


:: So, I'm back ::

{Centerpiece from Absolute Adoration}

:: Yes, it's true, I'm back at it - sort of! ::

:: Really, I'm still in recovery mode. I'm trying to get my life back to normal. Normal is something that my life hasn't seen in almost 6 weeks. I have been so entrenched in Absolute Adoration that I have completely neglected doing the normal, everyday, focusing on me, type things ::

:: So I have been hibernating here at home since Sunday and it feels good. I'm taking pictures of the simple things, cleaning clothes, organizing life, taking time to cuddle my kids and most of all, not feeling like I have to be checking my computer to see if there are any updates for the conference ::

:: As for the conference, it was great - turned out beautifully and most of all God showed up in a real way to each who were willing to receive Him. Tammy Trent was awesome as was Rebecca; we are so blessed to have had the chance to be in the presence of each of these women of God! ::

If you haven't done so, you can read a few updates from some of my lovelies that wrote about their experience at Absolute Adoration here ::

:: Char ::
:: Kristin ::
:: Laura ::
:: Crystal ::

:: I'm leaving you with those links to read and I'm going to go clean something while I have two sets of little feet down to rest -- It's good to be alive and to live in such a blessed country -- Remember today is Earth Day - So do something nice for our beautiful earth, I think I might go for a walk, that's not really something nice for the earth, but it's better than going for a drive! ::

:: Oh and just one more thing; if you have been keeping up on Stellan from McMama's blog
and Stellan's Name Gallery - this weekend I took the opportunity to get Tammy to pose w/ Stellan -- Please continue to pray without ceasing for this wee little man and his great little life, and remember all the little ones who aren't healthy but battling for their lives -- I am so thankful for my kicking, screaming, sometimes-not-so-fun little big boys ::

:: Blessings my lovelies, I'm back at it here and I hope to visit you all via blog soon and very soon! ::

:: XO - Shawna ::

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